Great Resource!

A few months ago I found out about the Orange County Public Schools early childhood resource page.  This page is chocked full of wonderful resources.  Here are some of my favorites that we have been using lately:

This is the "Can You Find My Mitten" color word activity. My students love this song! I love it because it reviews colors and teaches my students to spell the color words too!

This activity is really fun too. It's actually just a laminated snowman picture and I placed magnet tape on the back. I use large magnet letters to place on the snowman's 'tummy' and we sing the Mr. Snowman song (tune of This Old Man) to practice letter sounds.

There are also a ton of printables to make books and flannel board pieces.  Thank you, thank you so much to the people that created this page, you are an invaluable resource!

So, if YOU want to check out this site click here.   Enjoy!


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