November Arrival Bins…Part Two!

I posted these arrival bins earlier this week and I’m so excited for you to see them! They are the perfect addition to your morning tubs!

Here is a closer look at the reading and language arts items. You can check out the math items in this blog post: November Arrival Bins Math.

I loved all of your suggestions last month. These letter/sound/sign match-up cards are perfect for your students!

I’m excited for my intervention students to use these acorn onset and rime puzzles. Picture clues are included to assist your emergent readers. Twelve different puzzle cards are included.

We have been busy clapping our syllables in our classroom. These fall syllable clip cards will be perfect for my students. Twelve different cards are included.

Now that many of my students have learned their letter sounds, we are planning on moving on to digraphs. These digraph punch cards can be used all year.

There are two different levels of the November word cards. Twelve different words are included. The picture below features the cards where students fill in the missing beginning letter. The other version simply features the word that students can practice building on their own with magnet letters.

And last, but not least, are the letter tracing cards! There is also an editable version. This would be great activity for practicing sight words as well!

I forgot to tell you that there are color and black and white versions of all of the activities, AND editable student direction cards.

You can purchase this ELA arrival bin separately here: November Arrival Bins ELA Version or you can purchase the bundle with all of the math and literacy activities here: November Arrival Bins–the bundle.

Thanks for checking out this post! I’m excited to start working on the December Bins this month!

November Arrival Bins

Thank you so much for all of your feedback earlier this month–I’m so excited to say that the November arrival bins are DONE and posted!!!! They will be on sale for a special introductory price of $4 through Wednesday, November 1st. That’s 50% off of the regular price! You can check out the bins here: November Arrival Bins

Here is a closer look at what’s inside…

Let’s start with the math goods!

I’m so excited about this non-standard measurement activity! You could use unifix cubes, like the picture below OR Pom-poms or erasers, really it can be whatever you want! Ooh, and think of the great conversations you could have with your kids if you measure with different types of objects!

Next up is 3-D shape puzzles!

These fall ten frame mats are perfect for practicing number recognition and creating sets! You can have students use play dough or erasers.

Fall comparing sets clip cards. There are three different kinds. Students can clip to identify more, then less & use symbols (< = >) to complete the number sentence.

Fall addition mats–students count the leaves and match according to their sums.

Number puzzles for the numbers 1-10 and 1-20.

And there are skip counting puzzles too! Students can practice counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100.

Students will be able to practice their counting skills and number recognition with these punch cards.

The last activity includes an editable version of number writing cards.

Both color and black and white versions are available for each activity. Simply print which version you prefer! There are also editable student direction cards.

Come back tomorrow to check out what’s inside of the ELA Arrival Bins!!!

Arrival Bins Winners and Back to School fun!

Thanks to all who entered the contest!!!  I meant to post this earlier today, but I’ve been sick with a horrible head cold!  Jennifer McAdoo and Amy Braswell are the winnners!!!  I’ve emailed your prize!!!


I’ve been busy with all things school lately!  I’m so happy to say that I am teaching a straight TK this year!!!  I absolutely love my sweet students and we are off to a great start!!! Here are a few things we’ve been working on:

These shape busses are always a favorite activity!

I’ve also been busy updating my Back to School pack! Here are a few pictures of some of the included.

This is a close-up of the shapes on the bus activity that’s included in my Back to School pack.

Lunchbox syllable activity. Both color and black and white versions are available for all activities! Simply print what you need!


Click any of the images above to be taken to my TpT store for more information in this packet. I hope that all of you have a great week!

Spelling for Little Learners…Part 1




It’s finished…its FINALLY finished!!!!  This product has been like a year in the making!  When I taught special education I made my own spelling lists for my kiddos.  Most of my kiddos were functioning at a kindergarten reading level and needed pictures to match the words that they were learning so they could put it in context (many of my babies also struggled with their vocabulary development).  The picture below is a sample of what one week’s worth of materials consists of.  Twelve different spelling lists are included–most focusing upon short vowel sounds.  


The following contents are included:

  1. Big teacher version spelling list for each week–you could also post these in your room as a reference :).
  2. Big spelling word cards.
  3. Sound spelling focus anchor charts–great for small group instruction.
  4. Student version of weekly spelling lists–great for homework!
  5. Student test sheets.
  6. Over six different worksheets for each week–great for either homework or independent class work.
  7. Read/Write the Room center activity with student recording sheet–great for a center!
  8. Bee a Good Speller Word Building Center–another great center activity!
  9. Mini-version of word cards and pictures–great for a pocket chart center!

This unit is gigantic!!! Over three-hundred pages long and for the next 24-hours as an introductory offer you can purchase it for 50% off!  Hurry because it will only be $6.00 through September 9 :).

Merry Christmas Math and Literacy Fun!

This past week  I finished and posted my Christmas themed math and literacy packet to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  This packet is probably one of my largest packs ever posted and contains over 160 pages of activities that are perfect for an early childhood classroom. 

Check out some of the sample photos from this unit below:

So are you ready for a FREE sample from this unit!  Click the picture below to download some writing activity ideas and pages for your students :).

So head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like to check out the rest of this product.  Merry Christmas everyone!



Thanksgiving Placemats!

We have been busy all week preparing for our Harvest Feast on Friday afternoon with my students.  One of the things that we made today was a Thanksgiving place mat.  This directional art activity turns out so cute!  I forgot my phone today, so I wasn’t able to take pictures, but fortunately I did take a picture  from last year!  Click the picture below to download the dimensions and directions for this project!  I hope that you little kiddos have fun making this project!

Fall Freebies and I’ve Missed You!

Hello my bloggy friends!  I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months on my blog.  I’ve been super busy at school and at home!  So many projects and so little time!  I’m just now starting to feel like I’m getting back to a normal routine.  I wanted to re-post some fall ideas and printables AND I wanted to post some new things for you too!  🙂

Happy fall everyone!


As promised….

I’m posting a copy of the Superbowl emergent reader that I blogged about earlier in the week.  I’m sorry that it took so long for me to post a copy :(, but hopefully you will still have enough time to use it with your kiddos :).  This book is not my original creation, I actually got it from my kindergarten colleagues last year.  The last page has a few traced football die-cuts that you could also use for the pages, if you didn’t want your kiddos to draw the footballs.  Anyway, here is the book if you are interested:

Superbowl of Colors Book

I’ve also been working on making vocabulary cards for my students.  Here is the February version, which includes vocabulary terms for football, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day, and Dental Health themes.  Here is a copy of these vocabulary cards to download:

February vocabulary


Happy February everyone!  I’m looking forward to teaching lots of fun concepts to my kiddos this month :)!



Ground Hog Day Fun!

So I kind of love this cheesy holiday and think that it is fun!  I also think that the movie is simply hilarious too! Anyway, on to the important stuff right!  Did he see his shadow this year?

This day is perfect to talk not only about weather, but shadows too!  Here is a picture of an art project that a colleague of mine completed with her kids last year:

Here is a picture of the completed project. You leave a space or make a 'pocket' with the brown paper so students can tuck their groundhogs into the dirt.

This is a close-up of the groundhog puppet. I don't know what the technical term is, but it's basically a 'furry' fabric rectangle glued to a tongue depresser. Googly eyes and construction paper 'teeth' are glued on as well. I think that you can buy this fabric at any fabric store, like JoAnn's.

This is a picture of the poem that was glued to the back.

Check out this adorable you-tube video featuring a fun little song to sing:

We made this cute little graph, which I got from Primary Perspective’s Groundhog Unit, you can download this here.

I used groundhog die-cuts to graph our results.

We also read this cute book from First Grade Teaching Blog:

You can download part of her Groundhog Day unit here:   here.  I also completely LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ Kinder Hoppenings Groundhog printables!  You can check them out here.

The photos below are of some of the activities that we completed from Kinder Hoppening’s Groundhog Unit:

This was an emergent reader book that reviewed color words.

This was a fun puzzle/matching activity that we completed. I copied the pattern onto contsruction paper and used a copy of the pattern on bond paper for the students to 'match' the parts.

We also made this cute Groundhog Activity, and I think that I got the idea from the Mailbox years ago.  Students cut out a construction paper groundhog and placed him in the bag.  They also glued a little song about a groundhog, which you can download here:  groundhog poem.  We discussed shadows and positional words while students acted out positional words with their groundhogs.  Here is a picture of the project:

We also read a few fun groundhog books:

So that’s all I have for now, but I hope that all of you had a fun Groundhog Day!  Here’s too an Early Spring (for those of you that didn’t already know that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning :)).



Great Resource!

A few months ago I found out about the Orange County Public Schools early childhood resource page.  This page is chocked full of wonderful resources.  Here are some of my favorites that we have been using lately:

This is the "Can You Find My Mitten" color word activity. My students love this song! I love it because it reviews colors and teaches my students to spell the color words too!

This activity is really fun too. It's actually just a laminated snowman picture and I placed magnet tape on the back. I use large magnet letters to place on the snowman's 'tummy' and we sing the Mr. Snowman song (tune of This Old Man) to practice letter sounds.

There are also a ton of printables to make books and flannel board pieces.  Thank you, thank you so much to the people that created this page, you are an invaluable resource!

So, if YOU want to check out this site click here.   Enjoy!