Some shamrockin’ fun!

ask a leprechaun photo

It’s March!  Hurray!!!!  One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner.  I thought I’d share some of the fun things we’ve done in the past to celebrate. We always read Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato.  I always … Continue reading

Star Wars Birthday!

My little guy recently turned 7, and let me tell ya–he is all about Star Wars these days.  I can’t say I blame him, because our whole family is strong with the Force.  HA!  It’s literally Star Wars everything around here.  His birthday party was so fun to plan!  Here are some of the photo highlights:

I had a pretty limited budget, so all of the party decorations were purchased at either Dollar Tree or Target.  I made the rebellion symbol out of form board from Dollar Tree.  I just cut out the symbol and then spray painted it to get the look that I wanted.

party decor

We kept the food pretty basic–Vader Veggies, Skywalker chips and Salsa and Padawan Popcorn–with treats of course!


The kids had an absolute blast with the games.  I made light sabers with duct tape, electrical tape and insulation tubes from the hardware store.  The kids played a game where they tried to see how long they could keep their balloons up with their light sabers.

balloon light saber game

We also played Pin the Light Saber to Darth Vader.  I found these giant sized coloring pages at Target that were perfect for this game.  I just glued the colored picture to some poster board I purchased from Dollar Tree then we wrote the kids names on colored labels–easy peasie!

pin the lightsaber

One of the party favors was a bubble wand that we turned into light sabers.  We just covered the handle with electrical tape and then tied thank you tags to the wands.  I’m telling ya–these wands were a hit!  My kids loved them!  And the best part is my son made the majority of them with minimal adult help.

bubble light saber wands

I found these fun character masks at Target and they were another hit with the kids.  So funny!

star wars masks

If you are interested the tags from the bubble wands are a free download from The Contemplative Creative.  The cupcake toppers were also a free download from Family Shopping Bag.

Check out my Star Wars birthday board on Pinterest if you would like to find more ideas:
Follow Barbara’s board Star Wars Bday on Pinterest.

May the Force be with you!

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Pacific Coast Teacher Meet-up!

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This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Pacific Coast meet-up hosted by the amazing bloggers (AKA CA Fab Four) from Hooo-ray for Teaching, Very Perry Classroom, Tales of Teaching with Tech, and Teaching from Beyond the Desk.  I had an absolute … Continue reading

Hippity Hoppity…Spring Break is on its Way!

Whoa…it’s officially Spring Break!  I’m so excited, in fact, I just spent the last hour crafting some super cute chunky necklaces to match my little princesses Easter dresses and I’m watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix.  Life is good.  If you are interested in seeing my little crafty adventures, I’ll post some pics on my Instagram page later:).  Anywho, I guess that’s enough of my random ramblings, I did mean to post some pictures of some of the fun activities we finished in class last week.

We just finished a week of learning about oviparous animals and rabbits.  It was so fun!  We read one of my favorite Easter books, Max’s Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells.  We made some bunnies, and I let students choose if they wanted it to look like a bunny, Max or Ruby.  I’ve also used this template in the past to make Peter Rabbits.  Here is a sample picture:


I didn’t get a picture, but one of my colleagues had her students do opinion writing with their Max and Ruby bunnies and there were absolutely adorable!  What a good idea for using this book to teach opinion writing :)!

I also found these adorable bunny shaped eggs at Dollar Tree and made a fun sight word review activity for my kids.  They loved it!

little bunny sight word center pic

I actually made a couple of different versions, so if you are interested you can pick up the recording sheet and a few other things as a freebie from my TpT shop.  You can all get them here.

We also made this fun Bunny Peep snack from Pinterest:

We made this writing poster to sequence the steps for make the snack:

bunnies in a garden snack writing poster

And after we taste tested, we made this simple graph:

bunnies in a garden graph

This snack was easy peasie and super fun too!  My class really enjoyed it.  If you would like some fun sequencing activities I included them in my Hippity Hoppity Spring pack.  Just click the picture below to download a copy for yourself.

hippity hoppity Spring freebies

Happy Spring everyone!


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Little Red Hen and more…

Happy Monday everyone!  It feels like forever since I was able to blog.  Honestly, I just don’t really feel like I have the time.  Now that I four little ones at home, they keep me pretty busy!  I’m back to teaching kindergarten this year and we are having so much fun!  I am so very proud o the progress that my little ones have made this school year, I can’t believe that there are only a few months of school left.

This last week, we read a few different versions of the little red hen.  We watched this fun video of the little red hen available from Speakaboos on You Tube  

We also did little red hen directed drawings and discussed text to self connections that they made to the little red hen.  We then brainstormed things that students can cook, like pizza, cake, toast, etc and completed the sentence on the sentence prompt.  I love how each hen looks so different.  They turned out adorable!

little red hen photo 1

Here is a close up of one of their drawings and writing:

little red hen photo 2

If you would like the writing prompt, you can download it from this previous blog post here.

We also learned about the life cycle of a chicken  I was inspired by this pin on pinterest:

I slightly changed the pattern, but here is our version.

life cycle of a chicken pic

Well that’s about all that I have time for now…my three year old is getting into stuff :p–hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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Apple Picking Time!

Hi everyone!  Fall is just around the corner and I can’t wait!  Seriously this 100 degree plus whether in central California needs to go!  Like now!  Any how, fall officially begins this week, right–and all things fall related are on my brain.

Last week my class learned about apples and the color red.  We had a great time and learned lots of new things.  I also updated my apple unit and added a couple of new things.


There is now a black and white student version of the apple picking book.  This emergent reader is ideal for emergent readers.  It contains sight word based sentences in an easy and predictable format.

apple picking sample


I also added this fun ten frame number match for numbers 1-10.  There are three different versions of student worksheets to accompany this center. BOTH color and black and white versions of this activity is available.  Simply choose which version would better fit your needs:).

apple picking sample ten frames


I also added an upper and lower case letter match center activity.  Perfect for activity for your beginning of the year kinders:).  It also includes both color and black and white versions of the activity.  Two different versions of student worksheets is included for this activity.

apple picking sample letter match


These are just a few of the items included in my apple activity pack–it is full of some great activities!

Here is a list of the included contents:



If you would like to check out this product click any of the photos above.  Happy fall everyone and I hope that you have a great week!


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Need a BOOST?

We could all use a boost every once in a while right? Teacher’s Pay Teachers is holding a first time EVER one day sale to celebrate the upcoming school year! Whoot-whoot! I don’t know about all of you, but this is perfect time for me to stock up on some great items as well!


Well I’ve been SUPER duper busy getting ready to head back to school and greet my 25 new little kindergartners next week! But I was able to update some old products and for the first time offer a BUNDLE of products that you can use to create teachable walls in your classrooms. Ok, I feel like I’m jumping ahead of myself. So let me tell ya about what changes I made to some of my products:).

First up, one of my best selling items–Math Word Wall cards! I FINALLY got around to adding some 3-D shapes and some more academic vocabulary terms, such as sum, addend, numeral, digit, same and different. There is now a total of 41 different cards! Holy moly! This product is a bargain for $4! AND you can buy it on sale during the boost sale too!


Here is a list of the included vocabulary terms:


And here is a collage of what the cards look like if you are interested:)

Math Word Wall revised


Next up, I added four more terms to my Literacy Word Wall cards.  I added pronoun, adverb, syllable and plural.  There is now a total of 32 cards included in this item.  Once again–this is a BARGAIN people for only $4!



And if you are interested in seeing what some of the cards look like, then here is a picture collage of the items.

Literacy Word Wall revised

If you would like to purchase a bundle pack of BOTH  of these items and my Five Star Writing posters with number posters click the picture below.  It really is a STEAL for $10.  It’s like getting one of the products for FREE when you purchase then bundled together.


I’m hoping to bundle some more of the items in my store later in the month so keep checking for updates.  I want you all to know that I truly treasure your support.  The opportunity to feature my products on TpT has truly been a blessing to my family.  I wish ALL of you a FABULOUS upcoming school year.  


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