Typically in September we begin to learn all about apples. This primarily occurs due to the fact that Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is September 26. This truly is a fun unit to teach, and there are so many ideas that can accompany this theme!

Here are some books that I love to read to students while we are studying apples:

This is a copy of a planning web that I created to compile my ideas: apple-planning-web

Check out these adorable apple themed letters created by Apple BB letters lowercase Apple BB letters uppercase

Kinderprintables has lots of very cute apple themed printables in their Daily Printable section. Here are just a few links to some of her printables:

Apple Themed Days of the Week Cards

Apple Themed Months of the Year

Apple Themed Calendar Numbers

Count the Apples Emergent Reader (numbers 1-15)

My Apple Alphabet emergent reader

Apple Word Wall words

Uppercase Alphabet Tracing Cards

Apple Number Tracing

Apples Lacing Card

The Virtual Vine website also has a fabulous apple themed page with printables, click here to see her home page: The Virtual Vine

Cindy has shared the following pages on her apple themed page:

Apple Themed Color Word worksheet

Find and Circle the Letter A worksheet

Letter A worksheet 2

Letter A Worksheet 3

Counting Apples Emergent Reader book Note: You will need to either draw the apples or use Elison mini die-cuts to complete this book

Apple Pocket Chart Numbers 1-20

Apple/Letter A Counting Worksheet numbers 0-5

Write How Many Apples Counting Worksheet

Jessica Meachum’s classroom website has some fantastic shared reading resources. Here are a few apple themed poetry resources that she shares:

Apple Shared Reading Chart

Apple Student Version

The Apple Tree Shared Reading Chart

The Apple Tree Student Version

This is an adorable emergent reader book: Apple Happy reader

Apple Happy Shared Reading Chart

Apple Happy Student version with graphics

Special Apples Shared Reading Chart

Special Apples student version

A Little Apple Seed Shared Reading Chart with graphics

A Little Appple Seed Student Version

Down in the Orchard Shared Reading Chart

Down in the Orchard Student Version

Frog Street Press’ Newsletter archives also have some very adorable apple ideas to use in your classroom. Here are some printables from Frog Street Press:

Apple Bulletin Board Phrases

Tree Math Estimation Lesson

Tree Math Printable for Lesson

Apple Annie Song

Apple Tree Langauge Arts Lesson

Check out this cute art project that Frog Street Press featured:

Click here for the directions: Look Inside My Apple Lesson

Here is another adorable art project idea from Frog Street Press:

Here are the directions for this project: Apple Art Project

Here is a cute little song idea that would be ideal to sing during your circle time: Fanny Had an Apple Song

Here is a cute apple eyglass reproducible, this would be cute for when your students’ are reading the room and looking for either things that start with the letter A or words that start with the letter A: Apple Eyeglasses

The Education Center (they publish the Mailbox magazines) is a great resource. They sell many great thematic unit books that can be used for either reproducibles or for ideas. Here is a sample page from their Apple Theme book for preschool/kindergarten: Apple Theme Sample Pages

The kindergarten version of Weekly Reader’s Teacher edition features some apple ideas, you will have to scroll down to page three, but it is worth while. There is also an apple printable included: Weekly Reader Teacher Guide Sept 07

My sister, who is a Speech Language Pathologist, shared this wonderful website with me: They have a great materials exchange on their website. I found the following apple themed bingo games on this site: Apple Lotto A Apple Lotto B Apple Lotto C

Mrs. Shehan’s Green Gable Elementary website is also another fabulous resource! Here is a link to her September theme page that features some apple ideas: September Themes These are just a few printables that she has on her website:

Johnny Appleseed Puppet

Blue Apples Emergent Reader

TLS Books has the following worksheets that you can use with your apple unit:

Apple Connect the Dots 1-10

Apple Tree Trace Numbers 1-5

Apple Tree Counting Book

Bry Back Manor also has the following worksheets to print:

Apple Word Search

Apple Baskets

Make an Apple Pattern

Apple Seed Counting Book

Apple Letter Dot to Dot

Collect the Apples Game

One of my favorite class books to make is based upon the book “Ten Apples Up on Top” by Theo LeSieg (also known as Dr. Seuss!). Here is a printable page you can use the make a classbook (sorry, I don’t remember where this came from): applesupontop

Here is a picture from Shari Sloane’s website, her ideas are really cute!

Making Learning fun also has some adorable lesson printables to accompany this story: Ten Apples Up on Top theme Printables

Here are some links to other lessons related to this book: Apples Up on Top Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Here is another classbook version for “Ten Apples…” Apples Template

Here is a link to a fall/apple unit plan that features the book, “Ten Apples…” Apple Unit Plan

I just found this apple life cycle printable on the web from Montessori for Everyone: Apple Life Cycle Cards

Check out this cute, free interactive book from Kinder Readers.  Students just write the sight words can and no to complete the story:  Apples Mini Book

Here are some of my own apple themed worksheets/station activities that I created. I hope that you enjoy them! apple-number-dot-match



apple-poems Note: I used a Super Zoomer (poster making machine) to make large versions of these poems to use for shared reading within the classroom.

Update (9/21/2010): I added a new blog post on some different apple activities that I completed in my class recently: New Apple Ideas Blog Post

Here are some links to other apple themes on the web:

1.  Luv 2 Teach K’s Apple Unit

2. Little Giraffes Apple Unit

3. Virtual Vine’s Apple Picking Time Theme

4. Mrs. Nelson’s Class Apple Unit

14 thoughts on “Apples

  1. Incredible. I sit in utter amazement at some of the materials and ideas shared with other teachers. I am a principal and am always looking for new sites for the teachers to give them new ideas. Your site is a treasure!

  2. Your apple unit is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to compile and link all of these wonderful ideas. I will be sharing you site with many of my colleges.

  3. You have a great collection for an apple theme. Thank you for putting it all together. I enjoyed everything you have on your site.

  4. Thank you for your willingness to share your ideas. Your site is useful, practical and organized…not to mention the darling ideas!

  5. Absolutely amazing. As a new teacher, I have that your site opens up a world of possibilities. Thank you for putting this together.

  6. Thank you so much for this wonferful website. This is my first year teaching Kindergarten and this website is a lifesaver…thanks again

  7. I am teaching kindergarten for the first time this year and your website is fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing your resources with us!

  8. Thank-you so much for all these resources! I am a new K teacher and am so happy that I found this site! You are so kind to share all of these with everyone. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!!!!!!

  9. hi…this is incredible! We all appreciate all the time you’ve taken to link us up to so many resources. Our Kinder Kids across the nation will benefit from your time & talents.

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