Although I teach very young students (ages 3 -6), I do give homework packets to my kindergarten students beginning the second half of the school year.  From my experience, every teacher is a little different with how they perceive and give homework.

Personally, I believe in a more positive approach to homework.  I give students activities to complete that are more of a review of the concepts that have been taught.  I also believe that parents and teachers should be partners in educating students.  What better way to foster this ideas than with homework?   I give my students weekly packets to complete, and they return the packets by the end of the week.  The students are return their work are rewarded with stickers or a prize from the prize box, and of course I always praise them for their efforts.  It really gives me so much joy to see  their little faces light up when they show me the work that they completed at home!

So if you are reading this, you may be wondering about how much homework to give your students.   Our district has a general policy of giving no more than 10 minutes of homework, per grade level, per night.  So, I try to give my kindergartners activities to complete at home that will take them less than ten minutes to complete.

Here are some wonderful homework resources on the web that are most definitely worth checking out!

  1. Mrs. Levin’s Pre-K Homework Page
  2. Kelly’s Kindergarten Monthly Homework Page
  3. Compact for Reading’s School to Home Links
  4. There are some great ideas for activities to share with your parents to complete at home with their child:  Mrs. Hinks’ Homework Ideas
  5. There are some really cute monthly calendar ideas for homework to print:  Mrs. Buturla’s Kindergarten Monthy Homework Calendars
  6. Here is an example of the homework packets that Kristen Poindexter uses with her kindergarten students:  Mrs. Poindexter’s Homework Packet Example
  7. Andy Lyons has some great resources on his website.  He is a former kindergarten teacher and has some wonderful ideas:  Lyons Den Homework Resources
  8. Update 3/22/09: I just found this link to this great website from http://www.ed.gov that has math ideas for parents!  Here is the link:  Ideas for Helping Your Child Learn Math

Well in case you are wondering, here are some examples of things that I include in my homework packets:

  • Name Practice Pages
  • Number Writing Practice Pages
  • Letter Formation Practice Pages
  • Letter and sound recognition pages
  • Math concept pages
  • Ideas for parents

Here is an example of the letter that I use as a cover for my kindergarten packets:  Homework Letter example

Homework Letter Week of March 9

Homework Letter Week of March 16

Here are some things that I created to use with my homework packets:

Numbers 1-20 Trace

Letter and Number Tracing

Handwriting and Tracing Activities

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