November Arrival Bins…Part Two!

I posted these arrival bins earlier this week and I’m so excited for you to see them! They are the perfect addition to your morning tubs!

Here is a closer look at the reading and language arts items. You can check out the math items in this blog post: November Arrival Bins Math.

I loved all of your suggestions last month. These letter/sound/sign match-up cards are perfect for your students!

I’m excited for my intervention students to use these acorn onset and rime puzzles. Picture clues are included to assist your emergent readers. Twelve different puzzle cards are included.

We have been busy clapping our syllables in our classroom. These fall syllable clip cards will be perfect for my students. Twelve different cards are included.

Now that many of my students have learned their letter sounds, we are planning on moving on to digraphs. These digraph punch cards can be used all year.

There are two different levels of the November word cards. Twelve different words are included. The picture below features the cards where students fill in the missing beginning letter. The other version simply features the word that students can practice building on their own with magnet letters.

And last, but not least, are the letter tracing cards! There is also an editable version. This would be great activity for practicing sight words as well!

I forgot to tell you that there are color and black and white versions of all of the activities, AND editable student direction cards.

You can purchase this ELA arrival bin separately here: November Arrival Bins ELA Version or you can purchase the bundle with all of the math and literacy activities here: November Arrival Bins–the bundle.

Thanks for checking out this post! I’m excited to start working on the December Bins this month!

Dental Health Literacy Ideas…

Hi everyone!  It’s been a LONG time, and I’ve missed you!  I know around this time every year it seems like I start to blog on this poor little neglected blog.  Life as a mom of four littles gets pretty crazy sometimes!  Well I’ve been working on updating some of my old units and I’m excited to say that I recently updated my Dental Health unit!


This unit is full of activities to keep your kiddos engaged.  I always love to introduce a theme/topic to my students with a book.  The emergent reader included in this pack focuses upon the sight words will and get.  The repetitive text is perfect for beginning readers!


My students also absolutely love the read the room/vocabulary activities.  The words can also be used at the writing center–I just love seeing the look on my kiddos faces when they are writing words and sentences independently!


Another thing we have been focusing upon in my class is ending sounds.  The activities in this unit are perfect for small group instruction as well as independent literacy centers.


Sequencing is an important activity that we work on all school year and we are beginning to transition to story comprehension and our writing.


We are always working on syllabication and these clip cards are the perfect thing for reviewing this skill.  I also love how my kiddos are using clothespins to strengthen their fine motor skills :).


That is all for now, but I will post more math activities this week and I guarantee–you are going to love them!  If you would like to check out my unit on TpT you can check it out here.

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CVCC and CCVC Words…

Lately I have been working on creating some more materials for words with specific word patterns. Specifically, words that students can sound out, such as cvcc words or ccvc words.

Update (9/4/2010): I have now decided to sell the CCVC and CVCC words with the worksheet as a down loadable item on the Teachers Pay Teachers Website.  You can now purchase this item for $5.00.  Click here to be taken to this website.

This past summer I also purchased these puzzles for students to put together four-letter words from Lakeshore:

These retail for $14.95 and are very durable.

These retail for $14.95 and are very durable.

This website has many great resources:  Cando’s Helper Page


Letter M and Monster Activities

We just finished up the Letter M for our letter of the week.  I typically teach my mice unit during this week as well.  However, since this unit is typically taught during the first week of October, I also take the opportunity to do some fun monster activties as well!

This is one of my favorite books to read-aloud during October:

Here are some great lessons/activities that I have found on the web to accompany this book:

Ed Emberly’s Website (author of Big Green Monster) has a few adorable printables:  Monster Coloring Pages

Monster masks has some wonderful storytelling pieces that you can use to accompany this book:  Monster Story Patterns Color

Check out this Teachers Net discussion regarding this adorable book–there are some very cute ideas:  Big Green Monster Ideas

Making Learning Fun also has a Monster Theme page, with lots of great printables:  Big Green Monster Theme Page

Super Simple Songs has a page that features their adorable song, “Go Away!”:  Go Away Song Activities

Here is a YouTube video of this song (note:  there are parts of the  song that are a little scary to me, so I probably wouldn’t use this video with my class, but of course that depends on your students, so I thought that I would share it with you):

Check out Virtual Vine’s Monster Unit page–there are lots of very cute ideas here:  Monster Unit

Update (10/10/08): Yesterday, I was shopping at Target and they had the most adorable monster items in their dollar spot!  Here is a picture:

The above picture is a set of six monster stamps and a green monster puppet.  I plan on using the stamps for counting activities.  These items were only a dollar each!

Here are some activities that I created to go with the adorable little monster stamps above, you could also use monster clipart or have students draw monsters to complete the pages:




Check out these adorable ideas on the A to Z Teacher Stuff message board:  Where the Wild Things Are Ideas

Here is an idea for creating Wild Thing masks:  Wild Thing Mask Lesson Plan

Here is a lesson plan to use with this book from the Lesson Plans Page:  Where the Wild Things Are Lesson Plan k-2

Mrs. Muncher…my latest classroom project

Okay, I have seen all of the adorable little ‘muncher’ ideas with trash cans. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for years! Even my hubby made one when he first started teaching two years ago. Well last night, I finally made one! Here is a picture of my Mrs. Muncher:

I used felt, letter stickers, googly eyes, a heart jewel and a hot glue gun to create my sound muncher.

There are so many things that you can do with this idea. I plan on using mine to teacher letter and sound recognition. However, my husband Andy uses his very differently. In his classroom when he does his reading for purpose station students look for specific things when reading silently. This could be anything, such as, “Write down any multiple meaning words that you may find while reading.” Students write down the words that they find on a precut card, Andy then reviews the words later and adds them to a word wall displayed within the classroom.

I plan on using my sound muncher (I named her Mrs. Muncher by the way) to teach letter sounds, but I may also use her to teach digraphs and word endings as well. There are so many ideas!

Lakeshore learning sells these great Letter Sound tubs that would be great to ‘feed’ Mrs. Muncher!

These retail for $129.00 from

These retail for $129.00 from

Another thing that you could do is go to Dollar Tree, Target or Michael’s to find your own small items to make your own sound tubs. And you could always use pictures!

Here are some ideas that I found on the web for using a word muncher:

  1. Mr. or Mrs. Sound Muncher cards and ideas from Sound Muncher Ideas
  2. Mrs. Dryzal’s classroom website has an adorable little song that you can use with your sound muncher, click here for the link: Mrs. Dryzal’s Sound Muncher
  3. Marcia’s Lesson Links page has a muncher gallery! This is too cute! Click here to go to this page: Muncher Gallery