November Arrival Bins

Thank you so much for all of your feedback earlier this month–I’m so excited to say that the November arrival bins are DONE and posted!!!! They will be on sale for a special introductory price of $4 through Wednesday, November 1st. That’s 50% off of the regular price! You can check out the bins here: November Arrival Bins

Here is a closer look at what’s inside…

Let’s start with the math goods!

I’m so excited about this non-standard measurement activity! You could use unifix cubes, like the picture below OR Pom-poms or erasers, really it can be whatever you want! Ooh, and think of the great conversations you could have with your kids if you measure with different types of objects!

Next up is 3-D shape puzzles!

These fall ten frame mats are perfect for practicing number recognition and creating sets! You can have students use play dough or erasers.

Fall comparing sets clip cards. There are three different kinds. Students can clip to identify more, then less & use symbols (< = >) to complete the number sentence.

Fall addition mats–students count the leaves and match according to their sums.

Number puzzles for the numbers 1-10 and 1-20.

And there are skip counting puzzles too! Students can practice counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100.

Students will be able to practice their counting skills and number recognition with these punch cards.

The last activity includes an editable version of number writing cards.

Both color and black and white versions are available for each activity. Simply print which version you prefer! There are also editable student direction cards.

Come back tomorrow to check out what’s inside of the ELA Arrival Bins!!!

October is here!!!!

Yay!  It’s FINALLY fall!!!  I’m so excited!  This is one of my favorite times of the year! October is off to a crazy busy start, but I’m having a TON of fun in the process! My students are loving our new additions to our arrival bins. I added these to my TpT store a few weeks ago.

There is a total of 12 activities that focus on the following skills:

  • 2D shapes
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Number sequencing
  • Number formation
  • Rhyming
  • CVC patterned words
  • Ending sounds
  • Letter formation
  • Sight words

AND there are editable items!!! I tried to create activities that require fine motor activities as well. I try to sneak in any fine motor practice where I can! Here are a few of the ELA items:

And here is a closer look at the math items:

Would you like to win a FREE copy of this bundle?  I will be giving away 3 sets of my October bins!  Click the link to below to enter.  All you need to do is answer one of the following questions (or answer both for more entries).

  • What is your favorite fall activity?
  • Leave a comment about what types of activities you would like to see in the November arrival bins.

Please make sure that in addition to your comments that you enter on Rafflecopter as well.

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Good luck everyone!!!



Arrival Bins Winners and Back to School fun!

Thanks to all who entered the contest!!!  I meant to post this earlier today, but I’ve been sick with a horrible head cold!  Jennifer McAdoo and Amy Braswell are the winnners!!!  I’ve emailed your prize!!!


I’ve been busy with all things school lately!  I’m so happy to say that I am teaching a straight TK this year!!!  I absolutely love my sweet students and we are off to a great start!!! Here are a few things we’ve been working on:

These shape busses are always a favorite activity!

I’ve also been busy updating my Back to School pack! Here are a few pictures of some of the included.

This is a close-up of the shapes on the bus activity that’s included in my Back to School pack.

Lunchbox syllable activity. Both color and black and white versions are available for all activities! Simply print what you need!


Click any of the images above to be taken to my TpT store for more information in this packet. I hope that all of you have a great week!

Rodeo week fun!  

Our local city has a spring rodeo every year at the end of April and my class joined in the fun last week as we learned about cowboys  and cowgirls.  Here are just a few of the fun activities we completed. 

I started out the week asking my students what they knew about the rodeo.  Their answers were hysterical!  😂😂😂. A few students thought the rodeo was about singing and dancing.  I recorded their answers on chart paper.


Then I told them what a rodeo really is and explained that it is actually a sport with many events.  We watched quite a few short clips of rodeo events from YouTube.  Here were some of our favorites.

Every Cowboy Needs a Horse Song

Rodeo Event clips–we just watched a few minutes of each event so students would get a general idea of what it was.  I don’t even think I played the sound for them!

Bull Riding Clip

Barrel Racing


Steer Wrestling

Saddle Bronc Riding

The boys of course loved watching bull riding!

We read a few fun “Wild West” themed books.  My class especially enjoyed reading Little Red Hot by Eric Kimmel.  This is a different version of Little Red Riding Hood and it is adorable!  We also read Pecos Bill by Steven Kellogg.  This tall tale is so fun to read because it talks about Pecos Bill invented the first rodeo. Here is a picture of our books we read.  We are also getting ready for farm week so those books are displayed as well. 

My class absolutely loved playing this sight word game called, “Yee-Haw!”  It’s very similar to bang.  You place the sight word cards in a basket, shuffled face down and students take turns pulling cards.  If they can read the word then they can keep the card, if they cannot read the card the. They have to put it back.  If they choose a, “Yee-Haw” card then they have to put all their cards back in the basket. The person with the most cards is the winner.    

We also sorted pictures by vowel sounds in a pocket chart.  This is a great activity to prepare us for our end of year testing that is just around the corner!

We brainstormed about things a cowboy and cowgirl may need and wrote about it. We used our Western themed vocabulary words to help us with writing.

 We practiced our addition skills with this fun wagon wheel activity.  I substituted wagon wheels for dice to make it a little easier for little hands. 

And we of course practiced counting and writing tally marks.  My class needs all the practice they can get with this!   You can pick up this tally mark activity for free here in my store:  Western FREEBIE

 The last activity we completed was a little Mustang shape art/craftivity.  These turned out adorable!   

If you are interested, all of the activities and more are included in my Giddy-Up Wild West Math and Literacy Pack.  Here are some more photos from this unit:

giddy up collage
I hope y’all have a rootin’ hootin’ hollering week!

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Back to School Math Fun!

Hi everybody!  I know you are probably thinking I’m on a roll–three posts in three days!  Ha!  Well remember how I told you that I’ve been busy working away on a bunch of new products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store?  I’m so excited to tell all of you that I just finished the first official project for my new second grade class!  It’s a fun math activity pack that includes six different math centers that are common core aligned.  Here are some sample pictures:

Click any of the pictures above if you would like to check out this product and thanks in advance for all of your support!  You guys rock!

Graphing Ideas…

During my recent trip to Lakeshore Learning earlier this summer I purchased a Question of the Day chart set to use in my classroom, which I am so excited to use! Here is a picture below:

This kit retails for $49.95 from Lakeshore Learning.

This kit retails for $49.95 from Lakeshore Learning.

So this has me thinking about graphing ideas that can be used in the preschool or kindergarten classroom. So, I thought that I would share with you some great resources that I have found.

  • Jessica Meacham has an entire page devoted to graphing ideas, she also includes many great printables to create your own charts and she also lists literature links as well.  Just click here to see her go to her site.
  • Jennifer’s Kinderpond website also has a page with daily graphing questions with printables, many of these have been specifically created to accompany Jessica Meacham’s graphing ideas.  Click here to go this page.
  • CanTeach has a page with questions that can be used for graphing questions right here.
  • Kelly’s Kindergarten also has graphing ideas on her Calendar page.  She also has some great documents to download as well.  Click here to go to her site.
  • Here are some graphing ideas to use with literature:  Carol Hurst’s Children Literature Site
  • ABC Teach has these great printables to use for many graphing activities:  ABC Teach Graphing Printables
  • Check out this link here to find some great graphing lesson ideas to use with kindergarten students.
  • Teaching Heart also has an entire page devoted to graphing here.  There are a ton of great pictures and lesson ideas here!

Have fun creating graphs with your students this year, the possibilities are endless!

New Thematic Unit Page

Today I added a Spider thematic unit under the Thematic Unit pages.  We are working on this theme this week in my classroom.  It is one of my favorite units to teach during the month of October!

I included lots of links to songs, printables and other lesson activities.  I also included some pictures of activities that we have completed within my class.  I will also continue to add pictures as we work on activities related to this theme.  If you would like to see this page just click here: 

Mrs Kilburn’s Spider Unit Page

Letter M and Monster Activities

We just finished up the Letter M for our letter of the week.  I typically teach my mice unit during this week as well.  However, since this unit is typically taught during the first week of October, I also take the opportunity to do some fun monster activties as well!

This is one of my favorite books to read-aloud during October:

Here are some great lessons/activities that I have found on the web to accompany this book:

Ed Emberly’s Website (author of Big Green Monster) has a few adorable printables:  Monster Coloring Pages

Monster masks has some wonderful storytelling pieces that you can use to accompany this book:  Monster Story Patterns Color

Check out this Teachers Net discussion regarding this adorable book–there are some very cute ideas:  Big Green Monster Ideas

Making Learning Fun also has a Monster Theme page, with lots of great printables:  Big Green Monster Theme Page

Super Simple Songs has a page that features their adorable song, “Go Away!”:  Go Away Song Activities

Here is a YouTube video of this song (note:  there are parts of the  song that are a little scary to me, so I probably wouldn’t use this video with my class, but of course that depends on your students, so I thought that I would share it with you):

Check out Virtual Vine’s Monster Unit page–there are lots of very cute ideas here:  Monster Unit

Update (10/10/08): Yesterday, I was shopping at Target and they had the most adorable monster items in their dollar spot!  Here is a picture:

The above picture is a set of six monster stamps and a green monster puppet.  I plan on using the stamps for counting activities.  These items were only a dollar each!

Here are some activities that I created to go with the adorable little monster stamps above, you could also use monster clipart or have students draw monsters to complete the pages:




Check out these adorable ideas on the A to Z Teacher Stuff message board:  Where the Wild Things Are Ideas

Here is an idea for creating Wild Thing masks:  Wild Thing Mask Lesson Plan

Here is a lesson plan to use with this book from the Lesson Plans Page:  Where the Wild Things Are Lesson Plan k-2

Discovery Bottles…

When I first started teaching (about five years ago) I remember reading an article about making Discovery Bottles out of old water or soda bottles. It sounded like such a good idea! Well over the years, I have seen some great examples of Discovery bottles on other teachers websites. I finally got around to making some of my own creations this summer. This is still a work in progress, but I thought that I would show you some of the bottles that I made so far.

Here are some pictures of the bottles that I made so far.

The number bottle contains miniature number magnets that I purchased at Dollar Tree a few years ago. I used rice as the filler.

The ABC Letter Bottle contains letter beads purchased from Wal-Mart for about $3.00 (for a pack of over 100 letters). I just placed one of each letter in this bottle. I used rice and sequins as fillers in this bottle.

The Star Word bottle is my sight word bottle. I purchased already painted wooden stars from Michael’s for about $1.50 for a package of 5. I used a Sharpie to write the words on the stars. However, not all of the stars would fit in the bottle. This was a bummer, but then I thought that maybe I could make another Star Word bottle with bottle that had a larger opening. I also used sequins and rice as a filler for this bottle as well.

The Patriotic Bottle is just a little hodge-podge of some things that I had. I purchased some flag erasers at JoAnn’s Fabric Store in their dollar spot last year and I never used them, so I thought this would be cute inside. I added red food coloring and gold glitter to the water. I also added red and blue metallic stars that I picked out of some confetti that I had lying around from a graduation party!

All of the bottles are wrapped with electrical tape and I used ribbon I purchased from Target’s Dollar spot. If you would like to print the labels here they are: discovery-bottle-labels

Here is a pdf version of the above document that has all of the cute fonts I used: discovery-bottle-labels

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you–I used Avery Clear Labels template number 8663 to make the labels that are on the bottles.

Here are some links on the web for ideas to make your own Discovery Bottles:

1. Lots of pictures and great ideas! This website is no longer available, but if you use the web archive link you can still access it: Mrs. Pohlymeyers Discovery Bottles

2. Dr. Jean has a great idea for making Family Bottles at this link:

Family Bottle Ideas

3. Dr. Jean’s Discovery Bottle Ideas. Make sure to click on the ‘Bottles to Make’ button on the left to see more ideas! Here is the link:

Dr. Jean’s Discovery Bottle Ideas

4. Check out Kinder Friend’s ideas! These are super cute! Here is the link:

Kinder Friends Discovery Bottle Ideas

5. Here is another Dr. Jean list of bottles that you can make:

More Dr. Jean Discovery Bottle Ideas