Hand Print Art Book–it’s finished and posted!

So many of you have requested this book over the last couple of years and I am so happy to say that I finally finished it!  I just uploaded this product to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  This activity pack includes all that you need to create a fun hand print memory book for the year.  There are twelve monthly poems and one hand print poem for the ending page.  Pictures and directions are also included.  Here are some sample pictures:

Click any of the photos above to be taken to this product.  I hope that all of you enjoy this project as much as my students and parents did!  🙂

Another Version of a Handprint Art Book/Calendar

The other night I was at a friend’s house for dinner and she was showing all of us the book that her son made in preschool.  It is a handprint calendar, and I of course had asked if I could take some pictures of the project for future reference.  I took the pictures with my phone, so they aren’t the best quality.  Also, I changed the cover to protect the identity of her child.  Anyway,  I thought that I would share them with all of you.

Have fun making your own handprint books and please feel free to share your ideas and photos!  I’d love to see them!


Handprint Art Books

I’ve seen the hand print calendars that people often do for parent Christmas gifts, but to be honest with you, I found that project to be a little overwhelming.  So–I put my little spin on it and created hand print art books for the year.  I have to say that these are simply adorable! 

Here are some pictures:

August handprint which is a crayon box. Paint the middle of the hand yellow and the outsides green. Paint the fingers various colors. After the paint dries, add the word 'Crayons' to the yellow portion.

September hand print. Paint the palm red, but do not paint the fingers. Next paint the index finger brown for the stem. Use the other index finger to paint green to make a leaf.

October hand print which is a ghost. Paint the entire hand white and then dip the tip of the index finger in black paint to make eyes and a nose.

November hand print which is a turkey. The palm and thumb is painted brown and the fingers are painted various colors to create feathers. I added the other features with Sharpie markers after the paint dried.

December hand print which is Santa. Paint 1/2 of the palm pink and the other half red. Paint the thumb red as well. Paint all other fingers white to make the beard. After you have student stamp this part, then dip their index finger in white paint to make a 'pom-pom' at the end of Santa's hat. I added the facial features with markers after the paint dried.

January hand print which is a penguin. Paint the fingertips and haf of the hand black. Paint the center of the palm white and the thumb and fingers black. I used white reinforcer labels

February art. Paint both hands red and overlap to create a heart.

March handprint art. Paint the top of the palm pink. Next paint the bottom of the palm and thumb green. Paint the fingers orange to be the leprechaun's beard. Iadded the details with markers after the paint dried.

I will add some more photos later as we continue to finish our books before the end of the school year. 

Here are some links with ideas and printables if you decide to do a similar project:

  1. ABC 123 Kindergarten’s Handprint Calendar Page
  2. Katie’s Nesting Spot Handprint Calendar Ideas  this blog post is where I truly got the idea to complete this project!  Here ideas are too cute, and I love the poems that she has with her handprints as well.
  3. Handprint Calendar Printable from Mrs. Bainbridge  this link also has great poems to accompany each monthly handprint.
  4. Handprint and Footprint Art Blog  this entire blog is devoted to these projects.  There are lots of cute ideas!

Feel free to share your ideas too!  I’d love to hear them :).