Apple Themed Math and Literacy Packet Posted to TpT…

I just posted another math and literacy packet to Teacher’s Pay Teachers that would be perfect to start the beginning of the school year.  Here are some sample pictures:

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Click here to be taken to TpT if you would like information about purchasing this activity pack.  Thanks for all of the support!



New Apple Ideas…

Hello everyone!  We just finished doing an apple unit in my class (which was so much fun :)).  So I’d thought that I would share some of the activities that we completed with all of you.  By the way–don’t you just love fall?  I just love this season!  It’s so much fun to teach my little ones about apples and pumpkins.

Okay, I guess that is enough of a tangent, so on to the apple ideas!

  • We sequenced the numbers 1-10 that were written on small apple die-cuts and learned the poem 10 Red Apples.  Here is a copy of the poem:  Ten Red Apples Poem

This is a picture of the Ten Red Apples Poem project that we completed.

  • We’ve also been learning a lot about sorting.  We completed this apple tree project where students sorted their mini apple die-cuts by color:

This is a picture of the apple sorting activity we completed. I used a large tree die-cut for the top and cut brown construction paper into long rectangles to make the trunk of the tree.

You can get the paper we used for sorting here:  september jazzy journal for apple tree project

  • Of course we had to do apple stamping and tasting!  We had a lot of fun with this.  Here is a picture of our apple stamping project:

This is the apple stamping prints we did in class. We added clear glitter to the tops so the paint would really stand out. The yarn represents what color apple the student liked the best.

  • We also completed a glyph project with the apples.  Here are the pictures:

Students water colored the color of the apple that they liked the best.

This is the poster we completed to analyze our data.

Here is the glyph if you are interested:  Apple Glyph

  • We didn’t have time to make this snack this year, but I did make it last year and I loved it! I got the recipe from Making Learning Fun:  Apple Tree Snack.

Here is a picture:

This is a picture of the apple tree snack, which is yummy goodness!

  • We’ve also been playing Where’s the Worm Number ID game that I printed from Kindergarten Kindergarten’s blog.  You can see her post here.

Here is a picture of the # ID game from Kindergarten Kindergarten

I’ve also found some great new ideas on the internet.  I’ll post these links later in the week.  Have fun teaching your apple units with your little ones!