Color Activities

I typically start out the year with teaching colors. In my preschool class we work on color recognition, and in my kindergarten class, they not only learn color recognition, but we learn how to read and spell color words. This is a great opportunity for me to introduce vocabulary as well.

I use the Frog Street Press sing and Read Color collection to teach color words to my students. My little kiddos love the big books and music CD that accompanies them!

Here is a link to a free printable from frog street press for the color green:Green song mini-book

Frog Street White Song Poster

Here are some of my favorite books to read-aloud books related to colors:

Dream has this adorable song available to download: I Can See Blue song

Check out this adorable YouTube video that accompanies this song:

Sue Levine posted this cute mini-book on the Kinder Korner group to go with Dr. Jean’s “Color Farm” song


One thing that we usually make in my class is a color flip book for each week. Here is a picture of how these books look when they are completed:

Here are some color flip-books that I made for my classroom that you can print:










At my school site, my kindergarten team uses a d’nealian font to teach handwriting to students.  If you need d’nealian, then here are some flip books with this font:



In my preschool class we will sometimes do some cut and paste activities with construction paper. For example, if the color of the week is yellow, then we will color and cut out pictures of yellow things and glue them onto a piece of yellow construction paper. Here are a couple of color/cut worksheets that I have created:



I recently purchased a color pocket chart from Lakeshore Learning. It was only $23.97! It’s a great resource to use as a shared reading activity and to increase vocabulary. Here is a picture from my classroom:

Here are some links to other websites that feature color related themes:

1. The Virtual Vine has a great Brown Bear theme with lots of ideas: Brown Bear Theme

2. Little Giraffes has a great color theme page with ideas for each color: Color Theme

3. Everything Preschool has lots of links to songs, activities and coloring pages: Color Theme

4. Step by Step Childcare has lots of great activities and a wonderful book list to accompany this theme: Color Theme

5. Mrs. Levin’s Pre-K page has some fantastic ideas! Check them out: Pre-k Color Theme

6. Kinder Korner’s Color theme has lots of pictures and great activities: Kinder Color Theme

10 thoughts on “Color Activities

  1. I am wondering how yoiu created the flip books. Where did you find the pictures? How do you make them into the files that cannot be edited? I have so much to share but am so new to all of these. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas to help me! Thanks!!!

  2. I’m so glad that you are able to use these materials!

    I actually created these documents in Microsoft word, but saved them in a PDF format on my computer so they would be easier to upload to my blog. The PDF format generally does not allow others to manipulate the document.

    As for the clip art, I use a variety of resources including Microsoft Clip art, Carson Dellosa and DJ Inkers. I also search for clip art online. This site is a great resource: if you go to their advanced search button then you can specify if you want color, black and white, etc.

    Carson Dellosa also offers free clip art on this page:

    I hope this helps!


  3. hi i am a special education teacher. i just would like to ask for any suggestions that you can give especially for teaching children with autism about color recognition.



  4. Do you have a prurple flipbook? I really enjoyed the other flipbooks. Thanks for putting them on the net for other teachers to use. Very much appreciated.

  5. Hi! I’m Fernanda from Argentina. I’m an English teacher-to-be, and I’ve just started teaching at kindergarden. This web as awesome! I found all the activities very interesting, The thing is that I have a 30-minute class, once a week (too short comparing to the 50-minute class twice a week I’m used to have at primary school). Can you give some advice about shorter activities to do with children? Thanks!

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