A Peek into my class…

I never did get around to posting a classroom tour at the beginning of the year (oopsie). Here are a few pictures:

View from the door.  It was open house the night that I took this picture.

View from the door. It was open house the night that I took this picture.


Culture dolls and culture reports.  They turned out SO cute!

Culture dolls and culture reports. They turned out SO cute!


I love, love, LOVE the way my writing board turned out this past year.  I cut black poster board in 1/2 to make it look like a clip board.  I super glued tacks to clothespins and then covered them with washi tape.

I love, love, LOVE the way my writing board turned out this past year. I cut black poster board in 1/2 to make it look like a clip board. I super glued tacks to clothespins and then covered them with washi tape.

I ended up making quite a few decor items for my class.  Here are some pictures of some of the things:





I’m very happy to say that I have now finished and added these decor items to my TpT store.  Click any of the pictures below to be taken to my store to check it out :).



Here are some sample photos of just a few of the many items included in this decor pack.



As a special introductory price this item will be 50% off for the first 48 hours!  Thanks for looking and I hope that you liked taking a little peek into my classroom!


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Classroom Photos 2012…

Hi everyone!  Now that I finally feel like I have rested up from the weekend, I would like to share some pictures that I took of my second grade classroom.  I apologize in advance for the picture quality–I took all of the pictures with my iPhone before school started a couple of weeks ago.  I have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that this literally feels like the first time that I actually have time to write a blog post.  I have missed you guys,  so I included some FREE things for you guys  in this post so make sure that you read the whole post  :)!

I have to tell ya–I’m loving my second graders!  They are so sweet!  We are starting to get into a routine and I am so looking forward to the rest of the year with them!

This pic was taken from the front door where students enter.

This picture is from the back of the room.  The boards are pretty much bare to save space for anchor charts that I will make with my kiddos.

This is the photo from the back door. My word wall is located on the cabinet doors.

Here is a close-up of the word wall cards.

Here is my classroom library.

I added some tissue paper pom-poms to my library area for a 3-D effect.

ABC cards that I made to coordinate with the colors in the classroom. I loved how they turned out!

Standards posters for the back cabinets. I added ribbon for some extra “cuteness”.

As many of you know, I spent most of the summer reading about the Daily 5 and I am planning on implementing many of these strategies in my classroom this year.  I have to tell you that I really contemplated how I wanted to set-up my classroom library.  I ended up purchasing bins from Dollar Tree and purchased Reagan Tunstall’s Classroom Library bin pack from Teachers pay Teachers.  This was a total time saver for me!  I still have to go through and label all of the AR levels, but my kiddos have done a great job keeping everything clean and organized.  If you are interested in checking out this product, then check out my pin on Pinterest.

The following items are from my TpT store:

Now on to some FREE items!

There is one more FREEBIE because I think you guys are awesome :).

I hope that you guys have a great week!

Where it All Goes Down….Classroom Tour 2011!

Ok, so I realize that it is Monday….AND I was suppose to post this last Wednesday, but it’s been a pretty busy week.  School started last week and can I just say…I love my little class of wonderful kiddos!  I’m super excited about this school year!

So…now it’s time to share my classroom photos :).

Can I just say I ❤ Pinterest!  Here are some of the projects that I created for my classroom that were inspired by “pins” on Pinterest.

Well that is all for now, but check back later in the week for other posts (HINT:  they are going to include FREEBIES)!  Have a great week everyone!  🙂


We’re on Our Way, We’re on Our Way…On our Way to Mrs. Kilburn’s Farm!

Can you tell that we’ve been learning about the farm?  My class just finished this unit last week and we had an ABSOLUTE blast learning about farm animals!

Here is a picture of our farm mural complete with a tractor ride–too cute!  The idea originally came from Kimberly Jordano’s website Kinder by Kim.  There are a TON of wonderful ideas here :).  So–here’s my recreation of the farm mural:

We also had a lot of fun completing some non-standard measurement activities.

Julie Lee from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten completely inspired me to make this farm animal station activity (she always has the best station activity ideas :)):

I copied the clip-art of the different animals on various colors of construction paper and then had students complete and color their worksheets to match.  The clip-art is from DJ Inkers.  If you would like copies of the worksheets then you can download them here:

We also read a couple of different versions of the Little Red Hen and painted Little Red Hens :):

We discussed how we can be like the Little Red Hen (text to self connections) and brainstormed our answers.  Students later completed the writing prompt.  You can get the prompt here and the bulletin board sign:

Little Red Hen writing prompt

We also had a lot of fun learning about the various animals that live on a farm.  We sang the song “The Animals in the Barn” and completed this pocket chart activity:

This song is part of my TpT Farm Mini-Unit available for purchase

We also graphed the farm animals that we liked.  This is also a part of my Farm Mini-Unit available for purchase from TpT.  Here is a picture:

Here are some other sample images from my On the Farm Mini-Unit available to purchase from TpT:

If you are interested in getting more information about my Farm theme available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers, then click here.  I’ll keep posting some more photos in the next couple of days of projects that we completed during our farm theme, and who knows…I may have another giveaway in the near future :).




Can you feel the Love?

I’m sure feeling the love from all of you!  Whoot-whoot!  I can’t believe that my little ol’ teaching blog has had over 2 million hits and over 100 subscriptions!  Awe….I love you guys too!  Thank you so much for all of your support, and I am so happy that all of you have found resources here that you can use with your little kiddos too!

And….I’m SUPER excited to say that my blog has been chosen as one of Teaching Heart’s Site of the Month winners!  🙂 🙂 🙂

So all of these lovey dovey feelings just make me think of Valentine’s day, which is just around the corner!  Check out this super cute math idea from Kinder by Kim, just click the picture to be taken to her February page, which is full of wonderful ideas!

I love this subtraction idea form Kim Jordano! She always has the best ideas!

Donna Glynn shares this adorable writing activity with a download. Click this picture to be taken to her site.

Here is another adorable math idea from Overall Success.

Last year a colleague of mine shared this adorable poem with me for making giant wearable Valentine’s with students.  We made them in my preschool class last year and the kids had so much fun decorating them with stamps, stickers and die-cuts.  Here is a picture:

We also completed some candy heart sorting, click the picture to be taken to ABC Schoolhouse’s website:

Click here to receive their free sample of February Ideas, this is where you can download the sorting page from ABC Schoolhouse:  February Ideas from ABC Schoolhouse.

I also sent home this take home project with my students to complete with their families:

I send home a copy of  a construction paper heart with the note from above.  Here is a picture of the finished projects from last year’s class:

This was the "Things We Love" take home project that my students completed with their families last year.

We are planning on making these “Love Bugs” again at our party on Monday:

My class also made this handprint heart for their February page last year:

I’ll try to post some other things later, but this is all that I have for now.  I hope that all of you have a great day!



Snowmen, Snowflakes and More!

Hello everyone!  I know that I haven’t been posting very much lately :(.  I’ve been very busy with lots of things going on!  I thought that I would post some pictures of things that we’ve been working on and some wonderful ideas that teachers have been posting on their teaching blogs.

So, first of all, we started out the month reading a few fun snowman themed books.  I really love the book, “Snowmen at Night”.  My previous post featured a short You Tube video on how to sign the word snowman.  This has been fun to learn!  We also made some paper snowmen and students dictated sentences to me using the sentence frame, “My snowman is  ____.”  You can download a copy of some writing paper here with this prompt:  my snowman writing.  Most of my students aren’t able to independently write, so I have modified the activity with the picture that you see below:

I used the font “Frosty” to type students’ responses that are next to their snowmen.  You can download this font here if you are interested.

We also finished some snowflakes that we made with various die-cut shapes.  We talked about symmetry and how each side should look the ‘same’.  Here is a picture:

We also finished our January math journal page.  This idea came from Overall Success and you can see this idea here.

Here are some other great ideas that wonderful teachers have shared with others on their blogs.  Click on the pictures below to be taken to their blogs.

Brooke Perry shares some excellent winter math ideas and even has related downloads on her blog. Check it out!

Mrs. Larremore shares some great ideas and printables for completing a snowman glyph with your students. What a great idea!

I hope that you find these ideas useful!  Have fun teaching your winter themes in your classrooms!

Oops!  I almost forgot–there are more ideas here.  If you are looking for other ideas and/or printables for the Winter Themes that you are teaching in your classrooms.


Classroom Tour 2010

Finally, I present to you…pictures from my classroom!  I know that I’m a little behind, but I still want to share these pictures with you.  It’s been a hectic month!

This is the view from the door.

This is the view from the back of the classroom.

This is the left side of the room and the view from the teacher table

This is the view of the right side of the classroom.

Now that you’ve pretty much seen the classroom, here are some other close-up pictures.

Here is the library area. The bookshelf has tubs of books that students can read. The blue reading board features information related to our Author of the Month.

Here is a close-up of the information that I have on the Author Board. This month is Kevin Henkes.

This is another view of the Reading Board

Here is my desk/work area, which is already messy!

Here is my calendar board. I added a few new things this year.

12 Powerful Words

Language Arts Board, I will later add our Letter/Sound information and Word Family Posters to this board

This is the Math Board

I hope that you enjoyed my classroom tour!  I’ll be linking up with Kindergarten Kindergarten’s Back to School Party click  here to see all of the amazing links to other amazing classrooms!

Ocean Theme Ideas and Links

I thought that I would share some of the activities that we completed this summer in my special education preschool classroom.  This summer the theme was Ocean.  The students had a blast learning about various ocean animals, and I also integrated basic skills such as letters, counting, shape recognition and color recognition into this theme.  Below is a compilation of activities, ideas and links to share with you.  Enjoy!

C is for Crab:

  • We made paper plate crabs (see picture below) and reviewed the color red.

  • We completed the Letter C worksheet from First-School.  Students used crayons to practice rainbow writing the upper and lower case letters, then they colored, cut and glued the objects that started with the letter c their papers.  You can find the worksheet here.
  • We also read the Crab poem from the poem book “Commotion in the Ocean”

  • We also later read Eric Carle’s book, “A House for Hermit Crab” and discussed how our crabs and the Hermit crab were the same (they both have claws, etc).

J is for Jellyfish:

  • Students traced the letter J and talked about things that begin with the letter J.  We used this worksheet, that you can find here for the letter J.
  • Students water colored paper plates and then we later added tissue paper strips to make the tentacles for our jellyfish.

S is for Seahorse:

  • We watercolored sea horse clip-art that I found from The Mailbox’s Ocean Themed book.

This book retails for $7.00 from The Mailbox and is full of great ideas.

  • Students colored seahorses and rainbow traced the letter s.  We used this worksheet from Lee Hansen.
  • We also read Eric Carle’s book Mr. Seahorse. We talked about how daddy seahorses are special.

T is for Turtle:

  • We painted paper plates green and had green construction paper shapes for students to glue to make the body parts.  We used the following shapes–large circle for the head, large triangle for the tail and 4 small rectangles for the legs.  After students painted their plates their were asked to identify shapes and glue them to their plates (i.e. “find the circle and glue this to the top of your plate”).  We also used a lot of positional words during this activity (i.e. on top of, bottom, side, etc).
  • We completed this letter T tracing activity.
  • We also completed a variety of activities that day related to the color green.

Here are some other great ocean theme pages to check out:

The Virtual Vine’s Ocean Theme

Pre-Kinder’s Ocean Unit

I’ll keep posting ideas as I load the pictures to my computer from summer school.  Thanks for looking!


Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall…

So I realize that I’m a little behind on my bloggin (once again)!  However, I wanted to share a few ideas for the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty that we did at the end of  March.  This was the perfect time to complete these activities since we were already learning about eggs that week. 

So we read and sang the Humpty Dumpty song from Frog Street press.  This is part of their Sing and Read Theme collection. 

We also sequenced the story with pictures.

Then we made and stuffed some Humpty Dumpty’s.  I think that they turned out quite cute!  What do you think?

Here are some links to some other great Humpty Dumpty ideas on the web!

  1. Humpty Dumpty Visual Aids from Sparkle Box.  These would be great for making your own big book to read aloud to students.  You can go to this site here.
  2. Home School Share has this great idea for a Humpty Dumpty Lapbook with lots of links to free materials:  Humpty Dumpty Lapbook Resources
  3. Story Time Stand Outs also has some great literature activities here:  Humpty Dumpty Resources
  4. You have to check out this fabulous thematic unit from the Virtual Vine:  Humpty Dumpty Thematic Unit
  5. Making Learning Fun also has a TON of wonderful ideas and printables.  This is definitely worth checking out:  Humpty Dumpty Ideas

Little Quack’s New Friend…

We just recently had Open House at school and we created an entire bulletin board with a friendship theme inspired by the book Little Quack’s New Friend by Laureen Thompson.

In this story Little Quack, who is a duck, makes an expected friend with Little Ribbit, who is a frog.  I love this book, because it teaches students that although we may be different (i.e. frogs and ducks), we are still all the same (i.e. they both like to play). We brainstorm and discuss things that we like to do with our friends and also talk about things that we like to play.

So–after we read this story in class, we made paper plate ducks and frogs.  For the paper plate ducks, we painted a larger paper plate yellow.  Then cut out feet and bills out of orange construction paper, and then eyes from black construction paper.  We also cut out a smaller yellow circle from yellow construction paper for the head.  Here is a picture of the finished project:

For the paper plate frogs, we painted outsides of two small desert plates green.  Once that dries, paint the inside of one of the plates red.  This will later be the inside of the mouth for the frog.  I have a pattern for the frog legs, from the Mailbox’s April Art book for Preschool and Kindergarten.  I copied this pattern onto green construction paper.  Students cut out the arms and legs and then fold them accordion style.  Next, students glue the arms and legs to one of the green round plates (I tell students that this is going to be the frog’s tummy).  With the plate that has the red inside, fold this in half and glue to the ‘tummy’.  Finally, glue white cotton balls to the top of the head for the eyes and add black construction paper circles to eyes as well.  Here is a picture of the finished project:

I love the way these turn out!  So cute!

After the frogs and ducks were all finished, then we painted and decorated paper dolls to represent the students.  I love this project!  The students always get so excited!   First, we paint an outlined shape of a person with paint that matches the student’s skin color.    After these are dry, then we can add the clothing.  I have a pattern for the jeans and t-shirts, and I copy these onto construction paper.  Students then pick what color they want and cut them out and then glue them to their people patterns.  Finally, we just add the finishing touches, such as eyes and yarn for the hair.  Here is a picture:

Finally, I asked students to tell me about their friends and I gave them the following prompt, “My friend is ____.  We like to play ___ together.”  I later typed their responses and added them to the bottom of the board.  Here is an example:

And now, I won’t keep you in suspense–here is a picture of the complete bulletin board!

I hope that some of my ideas have inspired you!  Feel free to let me know of any other great read-alouds that have a friendship theme that would be appropriate for preschool aged students.