We made paper plate killer whales, handprint octopi & crabs and watercolored seahorses and starfish.

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    • mrskilburnkiddos says:


      I’m glad that you liked this board–it’s one of my favorites too! Here is a list of the materials and directions that I used for these art projects:

      Killer Whales:
      8″ Paper Plates
      Black and Red Tempera Paint
      Large Googly Eyes
      White and Black construction paper
      1. Paint the plates black with the tempera paint and dry
      2. Have students cut three u-shapes from black construction paper for the fins
      3. Have students cut out the larger u-shape (or rounded shape for the bottom of the killer whale) from white construction paper
      4. Glue the fins and white construction paper to the already dried paper plate
      5. Add the large googly eyes, or you can also make these from construction paper
      6. Lastly, add the mouth with red tempera paint

      For the hand print crabs and octopi:
      red and purple tempera paint
      white reinforcement labels for the eyes
      Directions for the Octopus:
      1. Paint both of students hands without painting their thumbs. Have students place one hand down and then the other so they are slightly overlapping, but make sure to be able to see eight fingers.
      2. Once they are dry then cut around the shape and add white reinforcer labels for the eyes.
      3. Another variation is to add fruit loops, Cheerios or Smartie candies to the tentacles so they resemble suckers.

      Directions for the Crab:
      1. Paint both of students hands red. Have students place one hand down while spreading their fingers out.
      2. Once they are dry then cut around the shape and add black construction paper circles for the eyes.

      The watercolor seahorse and starfish:
      assorted watercolors
      patterns for the seahorse and starfish

      Just let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

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