Star Wars Birthday!

My little guy recently turned 7, and let me tell ya–he is all about Star Wars these days.  I can’t say I blame him, because our whole family is strong with the Force.  HA!  It’s literally Star Wars everything around here.  His birthday party was so fun to plan!  Here are some of the photo highlights:

I had a pretty limited budget, so all of the party decorations were purchased at either Dollar Tree or Target.  I made the rebellion symbol out of form board from Dollar Tree.  I just cut out the symbol and then spray painted it to get the look that I wanted.

party decor

We kept the food pretty basic–Vader Veggies, Skywalker chips and Salsa and Padawan Popcorn–with treats of course!


The kids had an absolute blast with the games.  I made light sabers with duct tape, electrical tape and insulation tubes from the hardware store.  The kids played a game where they tried to see how long they could keep their balloons up with their light sabers.

balloon light saber game

We also played Pin the Light Saber to Darth Vader.  I found these giant sized coloring pages at Target that were perfect for this game.  I just glued the colored picture to some poster board I purchased from Dollar Tree then we wrote the kids names on colored labels–easy peasie!

pin the lightsaber

One of the party favors was a bubble wand that we turned into light sabers.  We just covered the handle with electrical tape and then tied thank you tags to the wands.  I’m telling ya–these wands were a hit!  My kids loved them!  And the best part is my son made the majority of them with minimal adult help.

bubble light saber wands

I found these fun character masks at Target and they were another hit with the kids.  So funny!

star wars masks

If you are interested the tags from the bubble wands are a free download from The Contemplative Creative.  The cupcake toppers were also a free download from Family Shopping Bag.

Check out my Star Wars birthday board on Pinterest if you would like to find more ideas:
Follow Barbara’s board Star Wars Bday on Pinterest.

May the Force be with you!

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