Five for Friday!!!

So it’s been a LONG time since I linked up for this, but I’m so excited to share with you a little glimpse into my crazy life!  Ha!    This is what I’ve been up to this week!  


Ok here we go!  

 This past Christmas my hubby got me the best gift ever–a new camera!!!  I’ve been playing around with it a lot and I’m trying to learn how to use it 😜!  My girls played dress-up on Sunday and I was able to take some pictures of them! They certainly love to be girly princesses!  



 I raided the Target Bullseye playground!!! I’m seriously excited about some of the great finds I found and who doesn’t love to find treasures in the dollar bin right?    


So apparently everyone in Fresno could feel the aftershocks from the earthquake near Wasco this week–ummm…not me though.  This meme was too funny to not share.   


My kids had their annual Muffins with Mom at school Wednesday morning. So fun!  It was crazy town at the book fair, but my kiddos are so excited they got new books!    

The decor was too cute!  


I’ve been looking for some old pictures to share at my 20th high school reunion that’s coming up this fall (say what!  I’m not that old yet right!).  I came across this gem from back in the day & I feel that it’s especially fitting since this is the end of National FFA week.    

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday!!!

    • mrskilburnkiddos says:

      Aww! Thanks for stopping by! The old photo was at our local county fair–my lamb won a ribbon, but I don’t remember what place she took. I was really involved in our agriculture club (Future Farmers of America), and have many fond memories. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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