Little Red Hen and more…

Happy Monday everyone!  It feels like forever since I was able to blog.  Honestly, I just don’t really feel like I have the time.  Now that I four little ones at home, they keep me pretty busy!  I’m back to teaching kindergarten this year and we are having so much fun!  I am so very proud o the progress that my little ones have made this school year, I can’t believe that there are only a few months of school left.

This last week, we read a few different versions of the little red hen.  We watched this fun video of the little red hen available from Speakaboos on You Tube  

We also did little red hen directed drawings and discussed text to self connections that they made to the little red hen.  We then brainstormed things that students can cook, like pizza, cake, toast, etc and completed the sentence on the sentence prompt.  I love how each hen looks so different.  They turned out adorable!

little red hen photo 1

Here is a close up of one of their drawings and writing:

little red hen photo 2

If you would like the writing prompt, you can download it from this previous blog post here.

We also learned about the life cycle of a chicken  I was inspired by this pin on pinterest:

I slightly changed the pattern, but here is our version.

life cycle of a chicken pic

Well that’s about all that I have time for now…my three year old is getting into stuff :p–hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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