Need a BOOST?

We could all use a boost every once in a while right? Teacher’s Pay Teachers is holding a first time EVER one day sale to celebrate the upcoming school year! Whoot-whoot! I don’t know about all of you, but this is perfect time for me to stock up on some great items as well!


Well I’ve been SUPER duper busy getting ready to head back to school and greet my 25 new little kindergartners next week! But I was able to update some old products and for the first time offer a BUNDLE of products that you can use to create teachable walls in your classrooms. Ok, I feel like I’m jumping ahead of myself. So let me tell ya about what changes I made to some of my products :).

First up, one of my best selling items–Math Word Wall cards! I FINALLY got around to adding some 3-D shapes and some more academic vocabulary terms, such as sum, addend, numeral, digit, same and different. There is now a total of 41 different cards! Holy moly! This product is a bargain for $4! AND you can buy it on sale during the boost sale too!


Here is a list of the included vocabulary terms:


And here is a collage of what the cards look like if you are interested 🙂

Math Word Wall revised


Next up, I added four more terms to my Literacy Word Wall cards.  I added pronoun, adverb, syllable and plural.  There is now a total of 32 cards included in this item.  Once again–this is a BARGAIN people for only $4!



And if you are interested in seeing what some of the cards look like, then here is a picture collage of the items.

Literacy Word Wall revised

If you would like to purchase a bundle pack of BOTH  of these items and my Five Star Writing posters with number posters click the picture below.  It really is a STEAL for $10.  It’s like getting one of the products for FREE when you purchase then bundled together.


I’m hoping to bundle some more of the items in my store later in the month so keep checking for updates.  I want you all to know that I truly treasure your support.  The opportunity to feature my products on TpT has truly been a blessing to my family.  I wish ALL of you a FABULOUS upcoming school year.  


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