Now that’s a good idea!

Have I mentioned to you all how excited I am about teaching kindergarten next year! I can’t hardly wait! A few months back my new kinder colleagues and I had the wonderful opportunity to observe some other kinder teachers. And let me tell ya–these ladies were super clever!

Check out this idea–genius! She cut 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of felt in half and then sewed them to make little “pockets” for students dry erase markers. This allowed kids to have quick easy access to an eraser! When students were finished she told them to place the tops on the markers and put them to bed! Love it! What a good idea! I’m definitely adding that to my summer to do list :).


Another great idea we saw was using paint chips for segmenting sounds. Students just move some type of marker to identify if the specified sound is in the beginning, middle or end. Clever right! Here is a picture of what that looked like:


I have lots of projects planned this summer (mostly DIY mommy and classroom ideas). I’ll make sure to post the different pics as I move along on my projects!


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