Tell me more, tell me more!

Amy Lemon’s from Step into Second Grade is having a fun summer linky party!  I know that I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to join in on the fun!

I have been blogging now for almost 4 years!  I can’t hardly believe it!  The years have gone by so quickly and I feel like I have made some great “bloggy” friends through my blogging journey.  Through the years, I have shared some information about my personal life, but not too much (I don’t want to bore you guys :)).

I consider myself to be a somewhat quirky person, so here are twelve things that you may not know about me :).

1.  I have naturally curly hair, which is absolutely HATED when I was growing up.  When I was really little (like kindergarten or first grade) I would make my mom straighten my hair.  Check out this picture of me from when I was in second grade–I was rockin’ those neon colors! Ha ha!  What can I say–it was the 80’s!

This is me when I was in 2nd grade!

2.  I was also a child born in the 70’s (see Erica you are not the only teacher blogger out there that isn’t in there 20’s :)).

I don’t know what was going on with my hair here!

Don’t ya just love my little outfit?

3.  I was very involved in the FFA club in high school  (Future Farmer’s of  America) and showed market sheep all four years at our county fair and state fairs.  It was a wonderful experience I met lots of wonderful people from all over the state.  When I first graduated from high school and started college I actually was majoring in Ag Business (which obviously was NOT for me).

Here I am getting my lovely State Farmer pin 🙂

4.  I wore braces throughout most of my high school years.  I was so happy when I got them off the end of my junior year!

Here I am with braces

And this is me the day that I got my braces off!

5.  I had a horse in high school named Milton that had narcolepsy!  If he would stand still for a little while he would fall asleep!  He was the sweetest horse ever though :).

6.  I love to eat okra!  I am seriously the only person I know that will eat that stuff!  I think that I was probably southern in a past life…lol!

7.  Christmas is my all time FAVORITE holiday!  I seriously love this holiday and have a entire section in my garage dedicated to Christmas storage!  It takes me and my hubby like two whole days to decorate our house!  It is like the best thing ever!

My tree from the last Christmas

8.  Before I was a teacher I worked at Home Depot for like five years.  I was the contractor cashier!  I remember that it was so hard going to college at night when I worked full-time from 5:00 am – 2:00 pm five days a week!  I was seriously sleep deprived!

9.  My high school graduating class was sooooo tiny!  There was only like 250 graduates, and we were the last complete class to graduate from Central High school 😦 (the new high school opened the following year).

10.  I absolutely LOVE country music!  My obsession began probably when I was in like 8th grade.  I pretty much listen to everything–my iPod mixes are comprised of pop, rock, hip-hop, & country music :).

Me with one of my best friends from high school.

11.  Some of you know that I coach cheer at my elementary school and my husband coaches football at his elementary school.  I love to watch football with him and we are huge Chicago Bears fans!

Go Bears!

12.  My hubby proposed to me at the beach at sunset and we were married in the mountains.  I guess that we love the wonderful scenery in California–mountains and ocean!

This photo was taken literally right after we got engaged at the beach at sunset!

Now that’s enough about me–I’m heading on over to Amy Lemon’s blog to finish reading about the rest of you!


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