Currently July…

Hi everyone!!!  Can you believe that it is July?  And, the summer is just flying right by!  I’m linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade‘s fun “currently” linky party!  Here is what I’ve been up to currently 🙂

So I just realized that I did my “currently” wrong for the reads section!  I put the books that I am currently reading, but one of my all time favorite read-alouds for the classroom would have to be Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  As far as professional books go, that is pretty difficult too, but one of my favorites is Explicit Direct Instruction by John R. Hollingsworth and Silvia E. Ybarra.

Also, in case you are wondering, you can find links to Jen Jones’ adorable fonts on her blog here:

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on Pinterest (click the link to be taken to my page to see what I’ve been pinning :)) and I really want to get my craft room organized and ready to go before I go back to school in August.  We recently combined both my craft room and our guest bedroom {yikes!}.  I’ve been looking for some inspiration and these are some of my favorite pins 🙂

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

My hubby and I are heading out to Lowe’s tomorrow morning to pick-up some pegboard and maybe shelves.  I’ll have to post some before & after photos so you guys can see my finished craft room!  So how are you all spending your summer vacation?


10 thoughts on “Currently July…

  1. Holly Snyder says:

    Hi! I linked up to the Currently (my very first!) right after you! I love how you wrote three ambitious goals for your “needing” and I wrote that I need a pedicure. haha! I am right there with you having a “to do list” a mile long. When do you start back at school? I am only in my 3rd week off so I still have some time but it is already going by fast. Good luck with your to do list and enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Ms Sidra @ Heard it Through the Gradevine says:

    I just saw your update on FB and I had to come see what all the fuss was about! So excited I made my way here…because of YOU I linked up for the very first time!!!! I love all of your ideas for organizing your craft room/guest room and I can wait to see before and after pics!!
    Ms Sidra

  3. Leslie says:

    Thanks for being one of my first comments!! I will tell you that although I love 4th graders- 2nd grade was AHHHH-mazaing. Those kids are just the right age. They are very teacher-pleaser-esque and starting their independence.Perfect mix. 🙂 I hope you have a great year!!!

  4. Leslie says:

    Wow! I love your craft room ambition!! Good for you, sister! 🙂 I hope it turns out much like your wildest crafty dreams.
    The fonts you used are simply fab, and I will be checking them out soon.
    I have made my preliminary trip to Target and got several things from the “Dollar Heaven” school supplies. I anticipate more wonderous treasures will be put out soon, so I didn’t want to blow my whole back to school budget in one trip. I hope that yours is a fruitful as mine was. Gotta love $1 finds!!
    Love your blog, and I will be visiting frequently to get some great ideas!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Do you sell your worksheets on teacherspayteachers? I am having a bear of a time creating some to “complete the set”, such as a purple flip book, a rectangle shapes worksheet, etc. (Probably because I don’t have a “dotted line” or “tracing” font.

    • mrskilburnkiddos says:

      I do sell worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers, but my color books are free. I got your message regarding the colors purple and white. I’ll add those later for free. Thanks for checking out my blog and I’m so happy to hear that you will be using some of the things that I made in your class next year :).

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