Facebook Post Party!

It’s par-tay time!!!  I hope that many of you are enjoying your summer vacation!  I know that I am :).  Check out my new sweet puppy Coal sharing CJ’s doggie bed–too cute!  He’s been keeping me pretty busy the last couple of weeks, but I’m just enjoying him being little right now because I know that he is going to be humongous when he is all grown!

So tonight I was on Facebook and I saw this photo, and I noticed that some of my sweet bloggy friends were having a party!

I thought well that sounds like fun, so I’m joining in!  Here is a little freebie that goes along with the wonderful Daily 5 book that I’ve been reading.  Click the picture below to download the posters, which by the way are going to be the colors that I’m using in my classroom next year!!

I just finished reading chapter 2 and I can’t wait to read more about this wonderful approach to managing your literacy block with students.  I’m working on finishing up my answers to the blog book study for this chapter and will post my answers tomorrow.  I hope that you guys enjoy the posters!


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