Thank you so much!

I opened up my email this morning and found out that Barbie Roper from the blog Really Roper awarded me with one of her TBA Top 10 Awards from Teaching Blog Addict!  Squeal!  I am truly so surprised and honored!

Thank you so much Barbie!  If you haven’t seen her blog, you should check it out immediately because it is full of wonderful ideas!

So I thought that I would share some freebies so we could all celebrate!  What would we do without folders?  Seriously, I use them for EVERYTHING in my class…lol!  So here is an example of the folders that students use to bring their work home in:

Click the picture below to download the inserts :).

Have a great week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Thank you so much!

  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks! I absolutely love the free printables! I definitely am going to use them next year. I am sure that having take home folders contain those helps students to stay more organized and parents to feel better informed. Great idea!

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