Meet the Teacher Monday!

Hi everyone!  So I realize that I’ve been a little MIA for the last few weeks.  And let me tell ya–it’s been a BUSY couple of weeks!  Today was the first day of school and I have beeen busy preparing for my little students arrival.  Oh, and I also got to sneak in a short one week vacation with my family at the coast (it was wonderful :)).  Here is a picture of my hubby and I at the beach:

I recently found out about this new blog and I’m participating in their fun Teacher Week August 22-26.

So now here’s a little about me…

I started this blog a little over three years ago and I started it because I wanted to share ideas and resources with parents and other teachers.  It was my opportunity to give back to the ‘virtual’ community of teachers that inspired me to be a better teacher, and I hope that I have inspired others along the way.  I have learned so much from all of you!  I love teaching, blogging and following all of you other fabulous teaching bloggers!

Oh my!  Look how long I have been teaching…

I just started my eighth year teaching!  I can’t believe it!  I started out teaching first grade at a rural K-8 elementary school in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  I taught there for two years, and then I decided that I wanted to continue to pursue an opportunity to become a special education teacher.  I’ve been teaching special education for the last five years.  I taught within a self-contained preschool-kindergarten class for four years.  Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to teach a functional skills classroom with students in grades one through four.  I am currently teaching the same class and loving it! 

You might not know…

I’m super involved at school.  As a special education teacher I feel that it is important to be part of the staff and community of the school.  So–I am one of the cheeleading coaches on campus and I also assist with coaching our school Oral Interpretation team, and this year I am super excited to say that I will be a BTSA Support Provider for my district (it is one of our teacher mentoring programs for new teachers).  I am really looking forward to this fun and exciting school year!

What I’m looking forward to the most this year…

So you can probably tell from the above paragraph that I am SUPER excited about being a mentor in my district’s beginning teacher support program!  I am also looking forward to getting to know all of my precious new students and their families.  AND…of course I am looking forward to blogging about the events of the school year and sharing my experiences with all of your wonderful people :).

What I would like to improve this year…

This year I want to work on improving a few things.  Over the summer I was inspired by reading all about how everyone uses the Daily 5, Literacy Work Stations and Math Work Stations in their classes.  I would love to implement some of these ideas into my classroom as well.   I also would like to work on improving my students independence within the classroom.  I guess that both of my goals go together, and I’m excited to start reading Debbie Diller’s Math Work Station book!

Now…for the teaching supplies that I cannot live without!


So head on over to the Blog Hoppin par-tay and link up!  I can’t wait to read about all of you fellow bloggers :).




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