Guest Post…Ten Online Summer Learning Activities

Are you looking for some great summer online learning activities?  Ms. Lindsey Wright  from OnlineSchools.orghas written a wonderful guest post with tips, ideas and links to some great online activities!  Click the links below to check out the suggested sites.

Ten Online Summer Learning Activities

It is a fact of life that once classes, whether at a physical campus or an online school, are over for the year, students are swimming, vacationing, or working summer jobs. To keep their math and reading skills on par with their grade level, here are ten sites with fun games and activities. Each item includes a link to the website where the game can be found, a brief description of the game, and the target grade level.

(1) Smarty Games

Smarty Games offers a wide assortment of games in categories such as pirate island, money, math, puzzles, and more to help elementary school children enhance their reading and math skills. There are also fun facts on the side of the screen so children can learn tidbits like which is the Earth’s largest continent.

(2) Math Search

Math Search is primarily geared toward middle school children. The game requires math and visualization skills because the player has to solve a math problem and then find the answer within a number search. (A number search looks like a word find with numbers instead of words.) Also on this site is a Hangman game that is a cross between the traditional game and the famous “Wheel of Fortune” game show. The player gets seven chances to guess letters, and the game puts the letters in the appropriate spots. The word is revealed if the player doesn’t get it before his seven guesses are spent.

(3) Math Arcade

Math Arcade is a series of math games for elementary and middle school children. Players can specify their gender and grade level, guaranteeing the games will be appropriate for them. The Funbrain site also contains a Reading Arcade, using the popular Mad Libs characters. In Mad Libs Junior, the child reads the story and fills in the blanks with his or her own words to make the story take silly turns.

(4) Kaboose Reading Games

Kaboose games are geared toward children at least 6 years old. There are many games to choose from such as the Anagram Sleuth game which involves reading, spelling, and creating new words from existing words. Other games such as Unsearchables and What’s Hidden involve finding clues and hidden letters to create words.

(5) Starfall

Starfall games are geared toward children between kindergarten and second grade. The games featured on this site teach and reinforce phonics and letter and word recognition. The site also has short plays with age appropriate themes about animals and cookies for kids to read and act out together.

(6) Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government

Ben Franklin guides children between the ages of 9 and 12 through fun games that help them learn about the United States. Examples include Ben’s Word Find and Place the State where the child drags the shape of the state to its proper spot and then reads the state name and its capital city.

(7) Ice Cream, Inc. from the Michigan Department of Agriculture

Middle school kids no longer have to set up a lemonade stand in their front yard to learn about business. In this fun and realistic game, they can set up an interactive ice cream stand and learn firsthand about planning, product expenses, and profits.

(8) NASA Kids’ Club

This site offers games for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. The game structure varies based on the skill level selected. One mid-level game is Addition Blast-Off. This timed exercise supplies the player with a number, then he or she must find two adjoining numbers in the number search that add up to it. Another cool feature is that the site includes information about the current crew of the International Space Station with astronaut biographies and more.

(9) PBS Kids Math Games

The PBS Kids website includes games with favorite children’s characters such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Syd the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train, and the Sesame Street cast. These games are geared toward children in kindergarten through second grade. A favorite is Measuring Up with Clifford. In this game, kids are asked to read and identify the correct picture for the tallest stack of books, the biggest bubble, etc.

(10) Scholastic Book Clubs Reading Games

In addition to puzzle and writing games, a section of this site is devoted to quizzes and polls based on popular middle school characters. Particularly interesting is the New Harry Potter Wizard Challenge, which asks questions from the various Harry Potter novels to measure reading comprehension. Other characters include Allie Finkle and The Baby-sitters Club.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the online games available for children to practice math and reading. However, these were selected because they’re free, targeted to kids, and display little or no advertising. Yet what is most important of all is for parents to find games that interest and challenge their children

Thanks for the great article Lindsey!


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