And…the winner…IS

So unfortunately, my internet at home hasn’t been working all that great and it has been completely INSANE the last couple of weeks :), but I will finally be announcing the winners to the Deanna Jump Giveaways.  Before I announce the two winners, I wan to just say thank you to all of you that entered and said such kind things about my blog and resources.  I am truly touched and honored that you value my blog :).

And…the winners are….

#38 who said:

“I love all of the wonderful ideas! Everything is always sooo organized. :) I went on a school visit and spent some time with Deanna. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am such a fan! I have everyone at my school hooked on her, too!”


#20 who said:

“Wow! What a great blog you have. Thanks for the ideas :) Will be looking for more updates as a fan now.”

Congratulations to Betsy Walker and Elizabeth.  I will be emailing you shortly with your prizes :).

I picked the winners using the Integer Widget from, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the little widget thingy on my blog post :(.  I have to say that it really was a treat having this giveaway, I look forward to doing more!  Take care everyone!



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