As promised….

I’m posting a copy of the Superbowl emergent reader that I blogged about earlier in the week.  I’m sorry that it took so long for me to post a copy :(, but hopefully you will still have enough time to use it with your kiddos :).  This book is not my original creation, I actually got it from my kindergarten colleagues last year.  The last page has a few traced football die-cuts that you could also use for the pages, if you didn’t want your kiddos to draw the footballs.  Anyway, here is the book if you are interested:

Superbowl of Colors Book

I’ve also been working on making vocabulary cards for my students.  Here is the February version, which includes vocabulary terms for football, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day, and Dental Health themes.  Here is a copy of these vocabulary cards to download:

February vocabulary


Happy February everyone!  I’m looking forward to teaching lots of fun concepts to my kiddos this month :)!




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