Classroom Superbowl Party Ideas!

It’s almost time for the Superbowl, and that means that it’s almost party time!  Well in my classroom at least!  I’ve been busy collecting some ideas to bring football to my classroom, so we can learn and have fun in a SUPER big way!  I must say that I’m a little disappointed that the Chicago Bears didn’t make it this year :(.  My hubby and I are big fans, and I was hoping to teach my little kiddos the Bears Fight song…lol!  Well anyway, here is a compilation of some ideas :).

At last year’s classroom superbowl party, students graphed what team that they thought that would win:

Students graphing and making their 'predictions' about who will win the superbowl.

We also made a color themed football book with die-cuts, but you could also have students draw different colored footballs. You can download a copy of the book here:  Superbowl of Colors Book.

Check out this adorable art idea from Teaching Heart’s Superbowl Page:

This football player activity is too cute!

Pre-k Fun’s Blog posted a bunch of super cute Superbowl classroom party ideas.  I really like these stuffed footballs:

I’m also super duper excited to say that I found a Football Theme page from Making Learning Fun! Check out this adorable Cheerleader writing activity:

Speaking of cheerleaders, I think that now would be a great time to complete the name cheers that Mrs. Lee blogged about here in September.  What a cute idea!

A new blog that I found called 2Teaching Mommies was full of a ton of printables and wonderful football themed ideas.  Click the picture to be taken to their blog:

Here is a picture of a counting activity that is available to download from their blog.

So, I’ve been working a few new football activities for us to complete too!  Click below to download the worksheets:

football theme addition worksheet

Color I See Football Theme

And, of course you can’t have a Superbowl Party without food!

Did you know that they make football shaped Oreo cookies? Pretty cute!

This would be a cute and healthy snack.  The idea is from Food Chics;  click the picture below to be taken to their site:


Have fun teaching your little ones about the Superbowl, and feel free to share any ideas that you may have!





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