Snowmen, Snowflakes and More!

Hello everyone!  I know that I haven’t been posting very much lately :(.  I’ve been very busy with lots of things going on!  I thought that I would post some pictures of things that we’ve been working on and some wonderful ideas that teachers have been posting on their teaching blogs.

So, first of all, we started out the month reading a few fun snowman themed books.  I really love the book, “Snowmen at Night”.  My previous post featured a short You Tube video on how to sign the word snowman.  This has been fun to learn!  We also made some paper snowmen and students dictated sentences to me using the sentence frame, “My snowman is  ____.”  You can download a copy of some writing paper here with this prompt:  my snowman writing.  Most of my students aren’t able to independently write, so I have modified the activity with the picture that you see below:

I used the font “Frosty” to type students’ responses that are next to their snowmen.  You can download this font here if you are interested.

We also finished some snowflakes that we made with various die-cut shapes.  We talked about symmetry and how each side should look the ‘same’.  Here is a picture:

We also finished our January math journal page.  This idea came from Overall Success and you can see this idea here.

Here are some other great ideas that wonderful teachers have shared with others on their blogs.  Click on the pictures below to be taken to their blogs.

Brooke Perry shares some excellent winter math ideas and even has related downloads on her blog. Check it out!

Mrs. Larremore shares some great ideas and printables for completing a snowman glyph with your students. What a great idea!

I hope that you find these ideas useful!  Have fun teaching your winter themes in your classrooms!

Oops!  I almost forgot–there are more ideas here.  If you are looking for other ideas and/or printables for the Winter Themes that you are teaching in your classrooms.



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