What We are Doing Wednesday…

So I kinda feel like this post should be What I’m doing Wednesday since I haven’t posted in a while!  Now that the holidays are over I’m hoping to get back on track with all of my postings.

Yesterday was our first day back from Winter Break and I did have a blast!  I didn’t go anywhere in particular, and mostly hung out at home, but I got to spend lots of time with family and saw a few great movies over vacation as well :).  I had an amazing Christmas and hope that all of you did too!  Here are some pictures for you to look at that are from vacation and what my students worked on during the month of December.  I know that it’s after the fact, but maybe you could use some of the ideas for next year ;).

Here is a picture of me and the hubby when we celebrated our 3rd anniversary!


Our Christmas tree in the front room at home.

The mantle at home

Tree by the kitchen

Now for some pictures of things my students finished in my classroom!

This is a picture of the handprint wreath students made for their parent gift. I edited the picture to protect the student's identity.

This is the a picture of the back of the handprint wreath which features a poem I found on the internet.

I modified and typed up the the poem I found here and glued this to the back of the wreath’s prior to laminating.

Students also painted trees on construction paper and then later decorated various colored construction paper circles with glitter. They added a star die-cut to the top of the tree, and then completed a sentence prompt.

Here is a copy of the Tree Writing Prompt:  Christmas tree writing

Students glued green tissue paper squares to a paper plate to make a wreath. I created the bow out of construction paper and stapled it to the wreath.

We made handprint reindeer, this is the girl version. It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but I also painted red glitter glue on the nose so it would 'sparkle'

Here is the boy version of the handprint reindeer

Here is a picture of the December math journal page. Students first glued down tissue paper to a tree pattern and later glued shape die-cuts as the decoration.

Here is a copy of the math journal page if you are interested:  December jazzy journal page

We also had a reindeer-themed party the day we left for vacation.  I made these cupcakes to share with my students, which were super yummy!

Well, that’s all for today, but come back next week to see what we are doing!



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