What We are Doing Wednesday

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my weekly “What We are Doing” post.  This past week we finished learning about the colors black and white and made life size skeletons with hand prints and foot prints.  I have to say, these did turn out pretty cute !

We also made another page in our TLC Color book for the color black (I’ll post the other pages later so you can see).

We have also been learning about patterning this month.  So, we made a cute art project with some bat and ghosts sponges.  This page will be their October page for their math journals.

I also used sponge paper to make the moon shape, which students sponged onto their papers.

I’m a little behind, but we also made our math journal covers.  This will hold our monthly Math Journal projects.  I’m planning on binding all of the pages and passing them out when we have Open House this year.

Last, but not least, we’ve been learning about spiders this week too.  We marble painted paper and then used a spider sponge to add our spiders.  Students later added some facts about their spiders on their papers.  Here is a picture:

In case you are interested, I thought that I would include the spider writing printable:  spider writing.

There are also more great spider activities listed on the Spider Theme page which you can access here:  Mrs. Kilburn’s Spider Unit.

That’s pretty much what we’ve been up to, what about you?  I’d love to hear about what’s going on in your classrooms.  Tune in next week for pictures of our pumpkin activities–I can’t wait!




2 thoughts on “What We are Doing Wednesday

  1. christy inglis says:

    ADORABLE skeleton! Would you share the pattern? I love your blog. I’ve been a fan for over a year. I check for your updates all the time.

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