Product Review for Heidi Songs Sing & Spell Vol. 1

I’m so excited! A couple of weeks ago I received my first ever Heidi Song CD and DVD in the mail :).

My initial impression was awe!  I love how Heidi uses familiar songs to teach sight word spellings to students.  I also love how Heidi incorporated some familiar Zoo Phonic signals into the songs so students can make ‘connections’ to the letters and sounds.

The video is engaging and fun.  You can clearly see Heidi in each song clip modeling the song movements for students.  Also, I love how each song has the sight word multiple times in the background to maximize exposure to each word.

My students absolutely love the videos and we use the music CD’s for extra practice during the day.  I love how Heidi has actually physical movements for each song.  Although we have been going slowly, my kids are learning the sight words.

I would highly recommend using any Heidi Songs product.  It is very child-centered and teaches SO many skills to students in a fun and engaging way.  This product is something that can be utilized in any primary classroom and I would specifically recommend any of Heidi’s products to any special education teacher.

Thanks for looking at this product review and head on over to Heidi’s website to check out her extensive line of Sing and Read CD’s and DVD’s to enhance learning.



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