Individual Goal Books…

Now that I’m starting to get into a routine at school, I’m starting to think about a time of the day that I can sit down and work individually with each student on their goals and objectives.  Of course, this is specific to each child’s needs.

Last year, I made individual goal books for each student.  I printed the covers on card stock and cut each page into a half-sheet and then bound all of the pages.  It was nice to see the progress that students made over the course of the year.  Also, it was pretty helpful to have these skill checklists at meetings.

I think that this is definitely something that you could use in any classroom to keep track of student’s progress.

Here is the cover to the book: 

Individual Goal Time Book

Here are the inside pages:

Math individual Goal Book Pages

Reading individual goal book pages

Motor Individual Goal Book Pages

I hope that you find this to be useful!  I sure did!

Here are also some other links to data collection sheets on the web:



2 thoughts on “Individual Goal Books…

  1. Amy Rohl says:

    I just found your blog today and am so thankful to you for taking your time to post what you love to do. I am a PreK-12 SLP and am always looking for fun ideas for the younger kids on my caseload. I’ve got you bookmarked, so please keep sharing your WONDERFUL ideas!!


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