I is for Insect…

We recently finished up our insect unit in my classroom.  Here is a bulletin board of the art projects that we made:

The projects weren’t anything too fancy :).  Students painted ladybugs after we read Eric Carle’s Grouchy Ladybug story.  We also read some various stories about the life cycle of a ladybug.  For the large butterflies, we first fingerpainted paper and then the next day used cookie cutters dipped in paint to decorate the papers.  We also talked about symmetry when we made these.

For math we talked about size concepts, specifically big and little objects.  We sorted big and little bugs and completed this worksheet .  We also used magnifying glasses to look at plastic bugs.  I bought these from Dollar Tree years ago and we use them for sorting and grouping. 

We also colored and read this emergent reader book about bugs from Hubbard’s Cupboard:  Bugs Emergent Reader.

And, no insect unit would be complete without reading Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar!


We read the story aloud and colored the pieces from a sequencing worksheet.  We later cut these out and made a book with the pictures.  Here are some great links to other Insect themed ideas:

  1. Kinderblogger’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Ideas
  2. PreKinder’s Bug Unit
  3. Mrs. Begg’s Kindergarten Bug Unit

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