Letter Journals

This school year we have been working on a weekly project for our letter of the week.  It is basically a letter book and we glue various die-cuts to the pages to correspond with the sound that we are learning.  I originally got this idea from one of my colleagues during summer school, and put my little spin on it (thanks Becky :)).

I’m planning on sending this book home at the end of the year so students can share it with their parents.  Here are some pictures of the book below:

This is the cover, and I decorated it with colorful letter die-cuts and laminated it for durability.

Here is an example of the inside pages

Even if you don’t have access to die-cuts, there are many different ways that you could use this letter book.  Students could cut out pictures of items from magazines or the newspaper and glue them to the corresponding letter pages.  Also, they could simply cut out or stamp various letters on the pages as well.  Lakeshore learning also sells some great materials that would be really great to use with these letter books (what can I say, I love Lakeshore’s products :)).

I can’t find a picture to post, but these letter sound rubber stamps would be great too:  Lakeshore Learning Letter Sound Rubber Stamps.

For more great journal ideas check out this wonderful book:

This book retails as an e-book for $15.99

Happy journaling to you!



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