Big Book Storage Ideas

I recently posted about how to make your own Big Books for the classroom (see 4/17/2010 posting for more information).  Now I just wanted to show you some pictures of how I store and organize my big books within my classroom.

I do have a big book stand that has some storage for big books.  My big book stand/storage unit is very similar to this one:

I also use various bins and baskets to organize many of the books as well.  The picture below is how I store my ABC big books.  I purchased this basket from Big Lots last year and it is very similar to the size of a shopping basket.  I typed up some headings on the computer with some cute fonts and then glued them to some cute scrapbook paper.  Once I was finished, I laminated them for durability and then punched them and added some rings to the front to identify the contents.

I also use the wide storage carts that you can purchase from Walmart or Target.  These are typically on sale during the summer for very reasonable prices.  Here is a picture of the front of the cart:

This is the inside, which you can see perfectly holds a big book that is 12 x 18 inches long.

I also use a variety of smaller baskets for other smaller books that I have made.  Dollar Tree is a great resource for buying this type of storage.  Here is a picture of how I store my smaller color books for students:

Here is a link to a Pro Teacher discussion regarding Big Book Storage:  Big Book Storage Discussion.

I hope that this post helps to give you ideas for storing your books!  Feel free to share any other tips for how you store your big books within your classrooms.


2 thoughts on “Big Book Storage Ideas

  1. Julie says:

    Where did you find the blackline master for the crayon-shaped color books? I would love to make them for my kindergarten classroom.


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