Read the Room with a Purpose

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the classroom of a fellow kindergarten teacher within the district.  She had this great idea that she shared with all of us about read the room activities.  Basically, she laminates die-cuts or large note pads and numbers each picture.  Then she places a word underneath the picture.  She uses a variety of words, such as sight words or vocabulary words related to their theme of the week.  Here is a picture of how she uses her cards:

When students complete their daily stations, this is a station within the classroom.  Students use clipboards with their Read the Room worksheets.  Students then go on a scavenger hunt and write the appropriate word next to the corresponding number.  I like this activity because of the structure and students are also using a variety of skills.

So, I made a set of Read the Room cards with sight words for my kindergarten students.  Here is a picture of my cards:

I placed velcro on the picture and cards so the words could be interchangeable as well.  Here is a picture:

You could also easily modify this activity to have students look for letters too if you were working with younger students.

Here is a copy of the Read the Room worksheet that I made for students to complete with this activity:  April Read the Room.  I’ll keep updating this if you’re interested and share other Read the Room worksheets as we go on.

I also want to thank Leslie Phillips for sharing her wonderful idea!



3 thoughts on “Read the Room with a Purpose

  1. Sally says:

    I also use this idea with a little different twist – I use thematic or seasonal words with clip art beside the pictures. (Example: at Christmas – I use words such as: wreath, Christmas tree, Santa, elves, stocking, etc.) The words cards are scattered around the room – their clipboards have smaller versions of the clipart and they write the word next to the clipart.

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