Make Your Own Big Books for the Classroom

Well recently I’ve been working on making some big books to use in the classroom.  I use big books in a variety of ways, but I especially like to create books that are interactive for students.  Honestly, it can be a little difficult at times to find books that are age appropriate as well for my students.  So–making your own big books is a way to get your little guys more engaged in the reading activities that go on within your classroom.

Here are some ways that I like to use my big books:

Circle Time Songs

We sing a whole variety of songs in my preschool and kindergarten classes.  I love having big books to accompany the songs because it not only builds vocabulary for students, but it also helps students to learn that print carries meaning.   Below is a lit of a few song books that we use for Circle Time:

  • Color Song
  • Octopus
  • 10 Best Friends
  • 5 Little Ducks
  • Letter Sound Song (Apple Apple A a a song)

I also especially love to make Big Books to accompany some of my favorite cd’s.

Shari Sloane’s Website is a wonderful resource for making big books to accompany music cd’s.  Check out her page here for more resources and printables:  Shari Sloane’s Jack Hartmann Page

Here are some pictures of one of the Jack Hartmann big books that I made:

I also attached velcro to the pictures so students can match the picture with the words.

Books for Read Alouds

It can be difficult at times to find books that are not too ‘wordy’ for my students to read aloud during the story time portion of the day.  So I often use die-cuts or clip-art to create my own thematic books to corresponds with whatever themes are learning within the classroom.  Here is an example of a book that I made with die-cuts to go with our upcoming Insect theme.  The idea and text is from

I added velcro to the laminated pieces in order to make the book interactive for students:

Resources for Making Your Own Big Books

Counting rhymes make excellent books for students.  You can often easily find die-cuts, clip art or notepads to match the objects that you are using for your books.  This is an excellent source for finding various poetry that would be appropriate for any early elementary classroom: Can Teach Songs and Poems.

Kinder Friends has a great page on their site for many ideas for making your own resources.  I use this page a lot for ideas and there are also free downloadable resources here as well:  Kinder Friends Big Book Idea Page

Here is one of the books that I own that has instructions for making your own books.  If you are interested, click on the picture for ordering information.

As always, feel free to add any comments or resources to this posting!  I’ll post some pictures and ideas for big book storage too in the next week,  so keep checking!



2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Big Books for the Classroom

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi, thanks for all of the great ideas! I run an in-home preschool and I love using your website as a resouce!

    I was wondering if you could post or send the lyrics to your songs that you mentioned you made Big Books for…I recognize 5 Little Ducks and the Colors Song (if it is the bilingual one?) but the others are new to me and I am always looking for new songs to teach my kids! Thanks! 🙂

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