R is for Rainbow…

Well with all of this posting related to weather, you didn’t think that I would forget to post something about rainbows did you?

Since St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about what different types of rainbow activities we could do in the classroom.  Today students made a rainbow using the Do-A-Dot Bingo Markers.  Here is a picture of how the finished project turns out:

I modified a worksheet from Marcia’s Lesson Links that can be found here, but it would also be fun to just play this game as well.

We also did some Skittle math!  We used this skittle sort worksheet that I got from the internet (sorry but I don’t know where).  Students colored each circle to match the color words and then sorted and counted their Skittles.

We’ve also read a few books about rainbows, but the board book, “What Makes a Rainbow?” has been our favorite.  Here is a picture of the cover:

I love this story because  it not only reviews reinforces color recognition skills, but it also very engaging for students.

Here are some links to some great rainbow themed printable materials available on the web:

  • Kid Sparkz has this really great rainbow dot-to-dot here.
  • I really like these rainbow themed phonic cards from Communication for All.  You can find these here.  It would be fun to use these to build words in a pocket chart.
  • Busy Bee Crafts posted this adorable paper plate rainbow project that you can find here.
  • Home School Creations also posted these wonderful color cards that would be great for color recognition and sorting.  You can find them here.

Also, through my internet searching, I found some resources for Don Freeman’s book titled, A Rainbow of My Own.  I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet, but I did notice it in the Scholastic Firefly Catalog this month.  Here is a picture of the cover:

If you are interested–I found some great ideas for suggested activities to accompany this book from Home School Helper.  The activities can be found here.

Last but not least, here are some links to some great rainbow themed resources:

  1. Virtual Vine’s Rainbow Theme
  2. Making Learning Fun’s Rainbow Page
  3. Teaching Heart’s Rainbow Unit

Have fun completing all of your rainbow activities!


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