Little Quack’s New Friend…

We just recently had Open House at school and we created an entire bulletin board with a friendship theme inspired by the book Little Quack’s New Friend by Laureen Thompson.

In this story Little Quack, who is a duck, makes an expected friend with Little Ribbit, who is a frog.  I love this book, because it teaches students that although we may be different (i.e. frogs and ducks), we are still all the same (i.e. they both like to play). We brainstorm and discuss things that we like to do with our friends and also talk about things that we like to play.

So–after we read this story in class, we made paper plate ducks and frogs.  For the paper plate ducks, we painted a larger paper plate yellow.  Then cut out feet and bills out of orange construction paper, and then eyes from black construction paper.  We also cut out a smaller yellow circle from yellow construction paper for the head.  Here is a picture of the finished project:

For the paper plate frogs, we painted outsides of two small desert plates green.  Once that dries, paint the inside of one of the plates red.  This will later be the inside of the mouth for the frog.  I have a pattern for the frog legs, from the Mailbox’s April Art book for Preschool and Kindergarten.  I copied this pattern onto green construction paper.  Students cut out the arms and legs and then fold them accordion style.  Next, students glue the arms and legs to one of the green round plates (I tell students that this is going to be the frog’s tummy).  With the plate that has the red inside, fold this in half and glue to the ‘tummy’.  Finally, glue white cotton balls to the top of the head for the eyes and add black construction paper circles to eyes as well.  Here is a picture of the finished project:

I love the way these turn out!  So cute!

After the frogs and ducks were all finished, then we painted and decorated paper dolls to represent the students.  I love this project!  The students always get so excited!   First, we paint an outlined shape of a person with paint that matches the student’s skin color.    After these are dry, then we can add the clothing.  I have a pattern for the jeans and t-shirts, and I copy these onto construction paper.  Students then pick what color they want and cut them out and then glue them to their people patterns.  Finally, we just add the finishing touches, such as eyes and yarn for the hair.  Here is a picture:

Finally, I asked students to tell me about their friends and I gave them the following prompt, “My friend is ____.  We like to play ___ together.”  I later typed their responses and added them to the bottom of the board.  Here is an example:

And now, I won’t keep you in suspense–here is a picture of the complete bulletin board!

I hope that some of my ideas have inspired you!  Feel free to let me know of any other great read-alouds that have a friendship theme that would be appropriate for preschool aged students.


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