What a Great Time to Learn About the Weather!

Recently we have been fortunate enough to have quite a bit of rain storms here in Central California.  So, this presented the perfect opportunity for us to learn a little bit more about the weather.

We read this wonderful book about Rain by Robert Kalan:

This book is a great book to read to preschoolers because it has a simple, repetitive text that is great for building vocabulary.  We did a simple project with this book for a bulletin board.  Here is a picture:

Here is another picture that is more of a close-up of the activity:

For this activity we first ready the story and then had house, car and flower die-cuts.  All of these items were featured within the story.  Next students chose a die-cut and an adult helped them to complete the sentence in the sentence frame.  Here is a copy of the sentence frame:  rain writing prompt.  After students glued their die-cuts to their papers, then they dipped their fingers in blue paint and created the rain drops.  You could also easily differentiate this activity where the child could brainstorm, write and draw other items that they may see outside.

We also read some wonderful books about clouds!

Both of these stories are fantastic for preschool aged children.  Both stories are very similar, but we decided to do some painting and a project related to the book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  In this book it shows many simple pictures and has the following frame, “It looked like a ___, but it wasn’t a ___” and at the end of the story it tells the reader that they were all clouds.  Here is a picture of the activity that we completed for this story:

For this activity, students used white paint to draw a picture of an object.  Next an adult helped them to finish the writing prompt, which can be seen here:  spilt milk writing prompt.  Students fill in the word for the item that they painted and at the end of the second sentence they write the letters to spell cloud.  For example, the prompt says, “It looked like a ___, but it was really a c l o u d.”  In case you are interested here is the titled that I used for the lettering on the windows:  It Looked Like Spilt Milk By Charles Shaw bboard.

Here is another activity that we did:

Students cut out umbrellas and then we stapled the mini-book titled “Rain” to the outside.  Both the pattern for the umbrella and the Rain books were from the Mailbox.

Here are some links to some other great links to check out  if you will be teaching a weather theme in your classroom:

1.  Rain Theme from Pratt’s Educational Resources

2. Teaching Heart’s Weather Theme

Feel free to share your great weather ideas as well!


9 thoughts on “What a Great Time to Learn About the Weather!

  1. legendswife says:

    Yay! I was so happy to see that you posted this. We are learning about weather right now. So I love to find things when were learning about them. I also wanted to let you know that I am giving you a blog award. I think I tried notifying you earlier, but I changed my url (http://thewaywehomeschool.blogspot.com) I bookmarked ya long before I knew about the blogging world.

    Love the post:)

    God Bless

  2. theteachernextdoor says:

    This is perfect timing. We are starting weather as well. We are in northern CA and have gotten our first rain in a long time.
    Thank you

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