Graphing Ideas…

During my recent trip to Lakeshore Learning earlier this summer I purchased a Question of the Day chart set to use in my classroom, which I am so excited to use! Here is a picture below:

This kit retails for $49.95 from Lakeshore Learning.

This kit retails for $49.95 from Lakeshore Learning.

So this has me thinking about graphing ideas that can be used in the preschool or kindergarten classroom. So, I thought that I would share with you some great resources that I have found.

  • Jessica Meacham has an entire page devoted to graphing ideas, she also includes many great printables to create your own charts and she also lists literature links as well.  Just click here to see her go to her site.
  • Jennifer’s Kinderpond website also has a page with daily graphing questions with printables, many of these have been specifically created to accompany Jessica Meacham’s graphing ideas.  Click here to go this page.
  • CanTeach has a page with questions that can be used for graphing questions right here.
  • Kelly’s Kindergarten also has graphing ideas on her Calendar page.  She also has some great documents to download as well.  Click here to go to her site.
  • Here are some graphing ideas to use with literature:  Carol Hurst’s Children Literature Site
  • ABC Teach has these great printables to use for many graphing activities:  ABC Teach Graphing Printables
  • Check out this link here to find some great graphing lesson ideas to use with kindergarten students.
  • Teaching Heart also has an entire page devoted to graphing here.  There are a ton of great pictures and lesson ideas here!

Have fun creating graphs with your students this year, the possibilities are endless!

2 thoughts on “Graphing Ideas…

  1. Christine says:

    Love the look of the chart and adding all those links was wonderful of you! My question is since this post is a couple years old, how is the chart holding up? Would you buy it again or use the links and make your own? Thanks so much!

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