Feeling Crafty…

A couple of days ago I  wandered around JoAnn’s Fabric store and Wal-Mart and bought some stuff to begin some new projects from my classroom.  While I was surfing the internet earlier today, I found some inspiration from Deanna Jump’s kindergarten classroom.  On her August page, which you can see here she has these adorable little monster puppets that accompany a pocket chart poem.  So, this got me thinking….hmmm…I can do that (I think).  I mean why not!  I have a sewing machine!  I have a glue gun!  So now I’m on a mission to make some puppets.

Oh, and by the way, I also remembered today that JoAnn’s Fabric store gives Teacher Discounts!  All you have to do is show your badge and sign-up for their teacher card and then you can receive a 15% off discount on your purchases.  I provided you a link too so you can complete this online:  JoAnn Fabric Teacher Discount.

So here is a picture of what I have finished so far:

i phone pics 017

The materials used to make these puppets were the following: felt, feathers, googly eyes, ric rac, ribbon and a glue gun. The total estimated cost to make these three puppets is $5.

Here are some other places on the web to go for ideas and patterns to create your own puppets:

1.  Ideas for Puppets there is a whole page here devoted to making different kinds of puppets.

2.  Edu Place this link goes right to a directions to make your own hand puppets.

3.  Felt Finger Puppets this link goes right to a great document on how to create some cute animal finger puppets.

4.  Duck Puppet Pattern this link from Michael’s will give you directions and a pattern to make this adorable puppet.

Have fun being crafty!


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