100 Days of School! Oh what fun!

This week we celebrated the 90th day of school in the school district where I work, so naturally I am getting excited about the 100th day of school.  I know that many of you have already celebrated or are very close to reaching your 100th day of school as well.  Below I have featured a compilation of ideas from the internet and some things that I have used in my classroom.  I hope that you enjoy them!

Here are some great books to read either on that day or leading up to the 100th day of school:

This book retails for $9.99 from Amazon.com

This book retails for $9.99 from Amazon.com and is my all time favorite for the 100th day!

Retails from Amazon.com for $12.80 for the hardcover edition.

This book retails for $12.80 from Amazon.com for the hardcover edition.

This book retails for $11.86 for the hardcover edition from Amazonc.com.

This book retails for $11.86 for the hardcover edition from Amazonc.com.

This book retails for $7.95 for the paperback version from Amazon.com.

This book retails for $7.95 for the paperback version from Amazon.com.

Here are some ideas for things that I have completed in the past:

  • Last year we created giant versions of a ladybug and a pizza.  I used butcher paper to create these so they would be really big.  I cut out 100 pieces of pepporoni (I used red construction paper for this) and 100 spots for the ladybug (I used black construction paper for this).  You could just as easily have your students cut out the circles.  Students work in groups to glue the pieces onto the giant Ladybug and Pizza.  I chose these designs because I thought that they would be easy enough to create, but you could use other things like–100 chocolate chips on a cookie, 100 gumballs in a gumball dispenser and the list can go on!  Here is a picture from my class last year with the ladybug.  Sorry that this isn’t a better picture, but the ladybug is on the whiteboard with a little caption that I printed out.  This really makes a cute bulletin board!  Here are the captions that I typed up for the board if you would like to use them:  100th Day Signs for Bulletin Boards


  • We also made 100th Day Trail Mix with the following ingredients:  Cheerios, Pretzels, M & M’s, Banana Chips, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, Chocolate Chips, Chex cereal, Mini-Marshmellows, and Goldfish Crackers. You could really use 10 various items of whatever you want to make this.  Each item is placed in a bowl and each student is given a cup (a dixie cup is fine) and a ziploc baggie with a 100th day Trail Mix Label.  Students go through at their station and get 10 of each item and then place it into their ziploc baggies.  We usually eat these later during our snack time.  I borrowed this idea from the book, “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for the 100th Day of Kindergarten”.  If you don’t have this book, I highly recommend this book for your 100th day!  It is chalked full of cute ideas!  Here is a cute print-out I made for the trail mix to put at the station with an adult helper: 100th Day Trail Mix
  • Next, we completed the writing prompt, “I can eat 100…” students finish the prompt and draw a picture of what they can eat.  Examples include 100 cookies, 100 pieces of pizza, etc.  Here is a copy of the writing paper that I used:  I Could Eat 100 Writing
  • You could use this as another great activity for the 100th day, using  penny stamps, students stamp 100 pennies and learn that this makes $1!  Here is a copy of the paper that I used for this station:  100 Pennies Stamping
  • Another fun station activity that I completed when I taught first grade was with measurement.  You will need a kitchen scale, tape measure or measuring tape, and bags with the following items (100 items per bag):  paperclips, popcorn, peanuts, and candy.  I just went to the dollar store and purchased all of these items.  Students then estimate which one will be the heaviest, lightest, etc.  Then, students work in cooperative groups to measure various items in the classroom to see which items are taller or longer than 100 inches and shorter than 100 inches.  My first graders loved this activity.  Here is a copy of the worksheets that I provided to students for this activity:  100th Day Measurement

Marcia Goudie has shared this great emergent reader for you to make with your kids on the 100th day:  100 Animals Emergent Reader

This is a really good site with lots of ideas and links to activities that you can complete on the 100th day of school:  100th Day of School Activities

Kinderblogger also has a blog post with a ton of great ideas to make your 100th day celebration fantastic:  100th Day Activities from Kinderblogger

The Virtual Vine has an entire thematic unit page for the 100th day.  It is full of  lots of great activities:  100th Day of School Thematic Unit

Kindercritters.com offers this free letter printable to send home to parents for 100th day sharing:  100th day parent note


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