Parent Gifts…

It’s that time of the year again…I’m searching for various ideas for my students to make their parent gifts! I thought that I would compile some of the ideas that I am finding for you on the internet. There are lots of adorable ideas!

Check out this picture of an adorable popsicle stick reindeer ornament:

This ornament is also a very cute idea. You use popsicle sticks to form a snowflake. This picture and ideas is from

Here are some super cute ornament ideas from Mrs. Ingram’s Kindergarten Class: Mrs. Ingram’s Kindergarten Ornaments

Who could forget the handprint projects!  These are too cute.   Here is a link to a plaster of paris handprint plaque:  Handprint Plaque Directions.

Here is another link to some ideas to make with students for parent gifts:  Gift Project Ideas

Last year we did create handprint snowmen ornaments similar to this picture from Little Giraffes’ website.

Here is a link to the page where you can find the directions:

Nora Flanagan’s Christmas Ideas

Here is a link to where you can print the cute little tags from Nora Flanagan:  Snowman Ornament Tag with Poem

Nora Flanagan also has a fabulous handprint calendar idea here:  Handprint Calendar Gift.

Here is another page dedicated to the handprint calendar ideas: 

ABC 123 Kindergarten’s Handprint Calendar Ideas

I just found out that Kelly’s Kindergarten also has an entire page dedicated to this as well.  Here is the link:  Xmas Crafts for Kindergartners


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