Great teacher resources…

I just finished taking a great technology class with my district.  I just found out about a great link that I would like to share with all of you.  It is called Free Technology for Teachers.

Click here to see this page:  Free Technology for Teachers Blogspot There really is a plethora of technology resources that can be used in the classroom on this site.

Through this website, I also found Teacher Tube, which is a teacher version of YouTube.  Here is the link:  Teacher Tube This site is fantastic!  It has lots of old School House Rock videos and pretty much anything that you can think of!  Also, if you click on the channels tab and then scroll down to the apple marked, “Teacher Tube Tutorials”, you will find tutorials on how to use various software and programs.  This is great, because sometimes I just need a visual example to figure something out.

I am going to add a technology link section for my link section and I will continue to add other links as I find them!  I really feel so excited about the possibility of exposing even our youngest little learners to technology!


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