File Folder Games…

I use file folder games in my classroom quite a bit as an independent activity or an activity for students to complete as a time filler in between activities. Here are some of the books that I have purchased to make file folder games. I just copy the sheets on cardstock. Then you just color, copy and laminate the pieces. It helps if you can add velcro to the pieces as well.

The down side to using these books is that it takes a LOT of time to make the activities. The Education Center also has some great full color file folder game activities that include worksheets or parent letters that you can send home to accompany the activities. You only need to laminate and cut out the pieces.

This is $19.95, but is full color and includes reproducible parent letters

This is $19.95, but is full color and includes reproducible parent letters

Here is a link to a sample from the Mailbox File Folder book: Prek File Folder Sample

In addition to these books, there is a TON of free file folder games that are available on the internet. I love the internet! It is such a valuable resource! Here are some of my favorite links to free file folder games that you can make for your classroom:

1. Positively Autism

2. File Folder Heaven

3. Home School Share

4. Preschool Printables This site has games that are available to purchase and many games that are free as well. You can also choose if you would like to print color or black and white game pieces.

5. Child Care Land Shelley Lovett has a fantastic free printable page that features file folder games and many other useful printables.

6. Giggly Games This site also has games/activities that you can purchase, this link will take you to the ‘freebie’ page where there are a few great file folder games to print.

7. Busy Teachers Cafe

8. Phonic Games

9. Carl’s Corner has an adorable Little Critter letter match game to print: Litter Critter Upper/Lowercase Letter Match

I store all of my file folder games in dish tubs in the classroom. I label the tubs according to their contents. I store these tubs on top of a counter so they are easily accessible. Here are the labels that I used to organize my tubs: file-folder-labels

Here is a picture:


One thought on “File Folder Games…

  1. Elaine says:

    I love file folder games so much that I create my own. I use them for our homeschool and the religion class that I teach. An online friend and I found out that there was such a need for them that we created a Yahoo! group. If you ever decide that you want or need Christian based games whether they’re for a religion class or educational subjects for school, please stop by and check us out!! We’re at The Creative Kingdom ( and we have 5 sub-groups that have tons of stuff in the files!!

    I just love this topic!! LOL

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