Open House 2008 Bulletin Boards

Here are some of the pictures of the bulletin boards that I made this year for open house in my classroom.

Door decoration

Door decoration

Students cut out and decorated these cute bunnies which they said looked like a brown Max (from Max and Ruby). That’s too cute! Then we glued the plastic fake grass stuff that you use to stuff baskets at the bottom. The glue sort of worked but it was difficult to keep the grass at the bottom. If you look closely at the picture you might notice some tape, which I used to try to keep the grass on the bunnies.

This year I really tried to incorporate literature into some of my bulletin boards. I didn’t really have a specific theme for open house, it’s was more like a hodge-podge of different ideas. For the board below I used the book “Leo the Late Bloomer” by Robert Kraus for inspiration.

Look How Much We've Grown! Bulletin Board

Look How Much We've Grown! Bulletin Board

We made handprint sunflowers and then in the middle students either wrote or dictated what they can do now (as compared to the beginning of the year). We read the book, “Leo the Late Bloomer” several times for ideas and made several lists in the classroom to provide examples to the students.

Here is a close up of the “I Can…” sunflowers:

I Can...Flower Close-up

I Can...Flower Close-up

In this particular flower, the student wrote, ” I can draw” and drew a picture of herself.
As you can see from the larger picture above, we also made some ladybugs and flowers for this board as well. The ladybugs were made from paper plates (the desert size) and were painted red. We cut out a small black circle from construction paper. I also cut rectangular strips for the legs, then students folded them. The spots are just fingerprints with black paint.

3 thoughts on “Open House 2008 Bulletin Boards

  1. Sakshi Sethi says:

    hello, your idea actually solved my sister’s problem. It’s difficult to decorate christmas bulletin boards when you have a cultural barrier involved, & being a class teacher in an indian school is a tough job. Great work infact.

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