We are Thankful

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching!  I can’t believe it!  Here are some of my favorite activities that we complete in class and that are available on the internet.  Feel free to let me know of any other ideas, websites or printables if I didn’t include them!

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving themed books to read-aloud during this unit:

This retails for $3.59 from Barnes and Noble

This retails for $3.59 from Barnes and Noble

Here are some great free printables from the web:

  • Hubbard’s Cupboard  has the following free printable books:

Pilgrim, Pilgrim Printable Book

Thanksgiving Dinner

Teacher Version of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Pocket Chart Pictures

  • Here are some great free printables from Shelley Lovett’s Childcare Land:

Turkey Feltboard Activity

Turkey Shape Match File Folder Game

Pilgrim and Turkey Number Flip Book

Pilgrim and Turkey Shape File Folder Game

Turkey Two Letter Sight Word Match

Turkey Color Match Mats

Turkey Number Cards 1-30

Turkey Dot to Dot

  • Here are some math related worksheets:

Turkey Counting Worksheet

  • TLS Books has some great free Thanksgiving themed printables:

Thanksgiving Fun book

Turkey Number/Counting Match

Thanksgiving Addition

Thanksgiving Addition 2

Thanksgiving Subtraction

  • Here is a Turkey themed handwriting/tracing worksheet from First-School:

Letter T Tracing D’Nealian

  • Here is a link to a free Turkey file folder game from Preschool Printables:

Turkey Lurkey File Folder Game

  • Time for Kids has these adorable printable worksheets:

Thanksgiving Counting and Graphing Worksheet

Giving Thanks Writing

  • Carl’s Corner has a really cute Pilgrim, Pilgrim book to print:

Pilgrim Pilgrim What do You See?

Pilgrim Pilgrim What do You See Mini-Version

  • Speaking of Speech.com has a great materials exchange.  Here are some great printable resources for you to use in your classrooms:

It is Thanksgiving Book

Thanksgiving Sequence 1

Thanksgiving Sequence 2

  • Bry-Back Manor has lots of great Thanksgiving themed printables, here are a few:

Help the Pilgrims Maze

Turkey Alphabet Match

Fertilize the Corn Counting worksheet

Pilgrim Home

Pilgrim Food

Pin the Hat on the Turkey game

Thanksgiving Concentration

  • Kinderprintables.com has (a wonderful site full of resources) some Thanksgiving/Turkey related printables for you to use and print:

Turkey Pocket Chart Header

Turkey Pocket Chart Cards

Turkey Number Trace 1-14 Note:  these cards are great to glue on cardstock, laminate whole punch and place on a ring.  Use a Vis a Vie marker to write and cards and then wipe off so children can reuse them!

Turkey Number Trace 15-25

Turkey Lowercase Letter Tracing

Turkey Upper Case Letter Tracing

  • Jessica Meachum also has some great resources that she has shared on her Shared Reading page:

Five Fat Turkeys are We student version

Five Fat Turkeys Lesson Plan/Art Ideas

Five Fat Turkeys Chart Size

Turkey Happy

Turkey Happy Graphics

A Turkey Is… Student Version

A Turkey Is…Chart Size

The Turkey Ran Away emergent reader

The Turkey Ran Away Big Book Version

  • Nora Flannagan has posted this great Roll-a-Turkey game on her website, Little Giraffes:

Roll a Turkey Directions

Roll a Turkey Tracer (use if needed)

Here is a great unit designed for kindergarten students written by Kristen Dove:

Voyage to Plymouth Thematic Unit

Here is another Thanksgiving mini-unit posted from Barrie Wexler:

Thanksgiving Mini-Unit

I’m not sure where I got this, and I did not create these, but here are some Pilgrim ABC match cards (black and white):  abcpilgrims

Update (11/2010):  I wanted to share some photographs of things my students have completed for Thanksgiving:

November's math journal page, which is a turkey.

Here are the  Turkey Project Directions and Pattern to print.


Here are some links to some great Thanksgiving themes on the web:

  1. Hummingbird Educational Thanksgiving Ideas
  2. Making Learning Fun’s Turkey and Thanksgiving Page
  3. Mrs. Pohlmeyers Thanksgiving Unit
  4. Mrs. Martell’s Thanksgiving Themed Ideas
  5. Kindergarten Treehouse’s Thanksgiving Unit
  6. Little Giraffes Thanksgiving Page

Note: I will continue to add pictures of items/projects as we continue this theme within the next couple of weeks, so check back often for updates!

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