Here are some of my favorite books to read aloud during this unit:

Here is a copy of a planning web I created for this theme:  pumpkin-planning-web

I love Frog Street Press’ Newsletter!  They always have the best ideas!  Here is a picture of one of their many great activities:

This is a cute little book example that you can make with your kids using fingerprints.

This is a cute little book example that you can make with your kids using fingerprints.

Click here to view this lesson plan from Frog Street Press: One Little Pumpkin Lesson/Book Idea

Frog Street Press also has this adorable Language Arts lesson plan where you pass around a pumpkin: Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere Lesson

Here are more pumpkin related ideas from Frog Street Press:

Pumpkin Art Project

Let’s Choose a Pumpkin song

Pumpkin Science Lesson

_at Family Pumpkin Word Mats

Pumpkin Playdough Recipe

Check out these pumpkin sequencing cards (full color) from Montessori for Everyone’s website:

Pumpkin Life Cycle Cards

Mrs. Nelson’s class has a great Pumpkin Unit with lots of printables.  Here are some of my favorites that she shared on her site:

Pumpkin Bookmark Craft

Pumpkin Observation Sheet

Shelley Lovett’s Childcare Land has the following free printables:

Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match File Folder Game

Pumpkin Letter Tracing Cards

Pumpkin Number Match Book

Bry-Back Manor has the following free activities on their website:

The Pumpkin Patch Game

Make a Pumpkin Pattern

Which Gourd is Different

Pumpkin Concentration

Check out this adorable lesson/activity from Illinois State Ag in the Classroom website: Pumpkin Pumpkin Activity

Here is a variation of the same activity from Field Guide to Utah Agriculture in the Classroom:  The Great Pumpkin Story

I just found an adorable example of a Pumpkin Themed lapbook that you can make from Albright-News:  Pumpkin Lapbook

Making Learning Fun (one of my very favorite websites) has a pumpkin themed page.  They feature the following printables:

Pumpkin Lowercase Letter Dot to Dot

Five Little Pumpkins Emergent Reader

Shape Pumpkin Emergent Reader

Did You Ever See a Pumpkin pocket chart activity

P is for Pumpkin Tracing Worksheet

Kinderprintables has the following printables on her Daily Printable page:

Pumpkin Puzzle

Pumpkin Sight Words 1

Pumpkin Sight Words 2

Pumpkin Sight Words 3

Pumpkin Sight Words 4

Pumpkin Number Puzzles

Kiz Club has the following pumpkin sequencing cards: Pumpkin Sequence Cards

Here is an adorable Pumpkin themed math book, that I believe originally came from Nora Flanagan’s Little Giraffe’s website (if you are reading this and this is from your site, please let me know so I can give you credit for your work!): pumpkins-book

Jessica Meachum’s fabulous site has the following printables to use with your pumpkin unit:

Pumpkin Happy Emergent Reader

Pumpkin Pumpkin Poem Student Version

Pumpkin Pumpkin Chart Size

10 Little Pumpkins Student Version

10 Little Pumpkins Chart Size

5 Little Pumpkins Student Version

Five Little Pumpkins Chart Size

Marcia Goudie has the following emergent reader available on her Very Emergent Reader site: A Pumpkin Emergent Reader

Here is a Dot to Dot 1-10 from Kinderplans: Pumpkin Dot to Dot

Time for Kids has this great pumpkin sequencing worksheet: A Pumpkin Grows

Preschool Printables has this adorable Pumpkin File folder game, you can either print this in color or black and white.  Click here to go to see this page:  Pumpkin File Folder Game

Hubbard’s Cupboard has a fantastic pumpkin themed page, I really like her idea for creating pumpkin CVC words–check it out!  Patty’s Pumpkin Patch lessons

Check out this adorable YouTube video from Cullen’s ABC featuring movements for the poem Five Little Pumpkins:

Here is another adorable movie for Five Little Pumpkins, this video would be cute to share with your students:

Oh my gosh!  This video is adorable!  It is from Super Simple Songs and it is another variation of Five Little Pumpkins:

Here are the cards to accompany the song from Super Simple Songs (another great teaching resource):

Five Little Pumpkins song cards (full color)

Here is are some printable worksheets from Super Simple Songs to accompany the Five Little Pumpkin song:

Five Little Pumpkins worksheet

How Many Pumpkins worksheet

I created this worksheet to use with my students.  Students first trace the numbers, then color the pumpkins and cut them out.  Next, they glue the numbers onto a sentence strip in order.  pumpkin-numerical-order-1-10

I have my students paint pumpkins and then either complete or dictate the following sentence:  My pumpkin is ____.  I later include these paintings in their memory books and include this poem on this page: pumpkin-poem

Here are some links to some other great Pumpkin theme pages and ideas:

  1. Mrs. Fischer’s Kinder Themes Pumpkin unit
  2. Kinder Korner’s Pumpkin Patch theme
  3. The Virtual Vine’s Pumpkin Page
  4. Teaching Heart’s Pumpkin Unit
  5. Addie’s Pumpkin Potpourri
  6. Mrs. Nelson’s Class Pumpkin Page

5 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Pingback: » Blog Archive » Quinn’s pumpkin lapbook and clipart…

  2. Pingback: » Blog Archive » Quinn’s pumpkin lapbook…

  3. I hardly know where to begin…I love all of your pumpkin ideas! I especially love the counting book using the children’s fingerprints.

    Ashley DeMazza

  4. I love your site! I used so many of your great ideas from your penguins unit last year and will now use your pumpkin unit! Thank you so much for putting such a great site together!

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