All About Me

This is another theme that is fun to complete at the beginning of the school year. Here are some of my favorite books to read aloud during this theme:

Here are some links to websites that have great “All About Me” themes:

1. Mrs. Nelson’s Class

2. Kinder Korner

3. Kindergarten Treehouse

4. Pre-K Pages

5. Mrs. Pohlmeyers Kinder Page (note: this website is no longer available, but I provided you with a link using Internet Archive Way Back Machine).

6. SBCSS (Note: this is another website that is no longer available, but you will be able to view the links through the Way Back Machine).

7. Mrs. Cook’s Website

8. Hummingbird Educational Resources

I created a planning web to help with the compilation of my ideas.  Click here to see it: all-about-me-planning-web

Here is are some printable booklets from Marcia Goudie’s Very Emergent Reader page:

I Can Do printable mini-book

Here Is My Family

Two Little Friends book

I Like to Eat! book

Here is a link to a printable “All About Me” book that you can make with your students: All About Me Book

Here is a cute mini-biography page from Scholastic’s website: Mini-Biography

Here is a printable page that you can use for your memory books that I created: all-about-me-memory-book-page

Here are some printable “All About Me Poems” that I found on the internet then typed. I used a Super Zoomer (poster making machine) to create large chart sized versions of this document. We read these poems during our Shared Reading time: all-about-me-poems

Kristen Poindexter also has pictures of an adorable All About Me book that she used in her homework packet. Check it out, here is the link: Homework Packet 1

Kinder Readers has this adorable interactive book titled, “I am”.  This is part of their free download section, hurry, because typically, these downloads are seasonal!  Click here to go to this link:  I Am Booklet

7 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. You have a wonderful site! It is very helpful. I teach pre-k and I have found so many ideas to help my students. Do you have any other books created by Deanna Jump? I could use them in my room!


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