Assessments are such a vital part of teaching.  It helps to drive our instruction and identify our students’ areas of need.  Much of the assessments that are used in kindergarten are criteria based (based upon state standards).

I thought that I would use this page to share with you some useful assessment resources that I have compiled from the web and from other teachers.  I hope that you find this information as useful as I do!

Note:  I will continue to add assessments in the future so check back often, this page is a work in progress!

English Language Arts Materials:

Concepts about Print

  • Michigan Literacy Progress Profile’s website has a great printable assessment for testing Concepts about Print with your students:

Concepts of Print Assessment

  • ·There is a great handout for parents from Super Duper Publications that explains what the term “Concepts about Print” means, there are also lots of great suggestions and resources (this would be a great resource for when you hold parent teacher conferences):

Concepts of Print Parent Handout

Concepts about Print Kindergarten Assessment

  • Here is a letter /sound recognition assessment form from Reading

Letter/Sound Recognition Assessment

  • Here are some copies of letter recognition mats that I created for you to use during your assessments.  For the letter recognition, I typically use the lowercase mat (note:  there are two different fonts on this mat for the letters a and g):



Phonemic Awareness

  • · Here is a great Phonemic Awareness assessment from Portland Public Schools:

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Assessment

  • Here are some wonderful free assessments from that are geared towards kindergarten/first grade students:

Phonemic Awareness Assessment Option A

Phonemic Awareness Assessment Option B

Decoding and Word Recognition:

  • Here are some wonderful free assessments from that are geared towards kindergarten/first grade students:

Decoding and Word Recognition Assessment Option A

Decoding and Word Recognition Assessment Option B

6 thoughts on “Assessments

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  2. How many sight words does your district require your kindergarten kiddos to master? Ours is 75, which I think is a little steep. I’m curious to know what other schools require. Thanks!

    • Our kinder kiddos are tested on 30 sight words. However, we probably teach around 50 sight words. I know that every district seems to be a little different with the sight word thing. At my old district first graders needed to know at least 100 sight words by the end of first grade. Anyway, I hope that this helps!


  3. I teach in Brevard County, FL. Our districtu requires 40 high frequency words; however only 38 have to mastered for a satisfactory grade at the end of school.

  4. Our students are required to know 100 sight words in kindergarten. We prefer 220, but we require 100 on a lexia test that pops them up at 3 seconds per word.

  5. I love your assessments. On the upper-case letter recognition mat, there is no letter “o”. Are you still working on the lower-case recogntion mat?

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